After about a year of discussion, we moved our garden beds.  This actually happened today.
My DIRT was moved, from the old raised beds (two feet deep) to new cinder block beds..not two feet deep.

I have great dirt. My old garden beds consisted of eight raised beds. One bed, at all times, was the “compost bed”.   This rotated yearly.  Into this bed, we threw all our compostables: leftover/wilting veg, coffee grounds, coffee filters, clippings, really anything that can be composted.  Our first grass amur casulty, “Moe” joined the compost pile. I also shovelled and haulled wheelbarrows of dried horse manure from our barn across the road.

So, as a result, I’ve got great dirt.  Soil so good it needs to be moved.

And the Move happened. And garden beds were created.  And I did not have to lift a finger for this.


Some of my Thai hot pepper plants growing inside.

I am so happy about this.

I can now get out and sow the turnip seed.  I’ve got a bunch of plants growing under the lights, but some plants need to be started in the garden.

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