Evening Run

On somewhat short notice, I got together with Slim and Cam, and Kate for a little tour of Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania.  This is just outside of the Pittsburgh area, and just a few miles inside the state line from WV/OH.

It would get dark on us for the loop, and I brought along two new lights, a Fenix handheld and a Petzl.  I also wore my gear that I believe I will start MMT in.

This was a nice little loop in the park, very runnable conditions. Of course, once the sun went down, your world gets reduced to the 3 feet circle you live in.  So I can’t say I saw alot of the park.

I fell twice.  The first time was in the first two miles of our run.  I hit something unknown and boom, went down hard, on the same side and spot as I fell during the marathon on Saturday, adding yet more filth to my  already dirty hydration pack.  Kate remarked about not getting hurt (this close to MMT) and I agreed!

The second time I fell, we were walking uphill in a marshy bridle trail; I caught my foot under a root and had a controlled fall to the mud. Wow, two falls on the same night, kind of alot for me.  All with my right foot. I wonder if I have an imbalance going on.

I took it carefully once the lights came on. I really do not want to risk an injury this close to MMT.

It was very good to get a night run in.  I haven’t done this since February, and had kind of forgotten that sensation of your small circle of trail.  Your world gets reduced to a very small spot, and you run for hours within that spot.  It’s a very different sensation. If you haven’t run at night, on a trail, (and your race requires some night time) I would highly recommend getting out there.  The best training for a night run is a night run!

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