I have not written much, if anything, about my upcoming 100 trail run.

It’s not that it hasn’t been on my mind.  After my February month, the brain cycled around to MMT.

About, oh four weeks ago, I started the serious thinking about MMT.

I had decided, some time ago, to enter the solo division. This means no pacer, no crew, no headphones.  At first I thought I wanted a crew/pacer, then I got into Hardrock.  So then I really didn’t want a pacer, or crew! If I am to complete HR, I need to be able to run MMT solo.

THEN I wanted a crew again, to get me in and out of aid station quickly. But then I changed my mind about that too.

I’m going solo.

I would like to finish the race in around the same time as last year-31.50, or sub-32.

Of course, first goal is to finish the race. Barring problems, I feel pretty confident that I can complete the MMT Trail Race. (That statement, in itself, is very big to me, just to be able to type that. I’ve come a long ways over the last few years.)

Second goal would to be sub 32.  Third goal would be to do better than 32 hours. That would be awesome.

But MMT is not my goal race for 2012, Hardrock is.  MMT is a good solid race-and training run-to shake everything out for HR.  The clothes, the gear, the shoes, the food, all prep.

I am even going to use the trekking poles at MMT.  I’m going to pick them up at the Visitor’s Center, use them over Bird Knob and the Brown Trail.  My plan is to drop them at Gap II, the last Aid station.  See if they give me some added quickness in the tired hours and climbs.

I’ve written up my race plan and AS strategy, and have my drop bags planned.  I’m glad I was in the Massanutten Mountains in February, for the Reverse Ring and crewing the day before the Ring for Cam’s Double Ring Event.  That gave me more time on the MMT trail, and I can visualize big sections of trail.

I find knowing where I am on a trail, knowing where the climbs are, how far you still need to go to an AS, very helpful during an event.

One of my next days off will be the packing of the drop bags.  This usually takes several hours, as I tend to get wound up and then distracted.  I am very good at using my non-sanctioned Excel spreadsheet to make my lists on.  I write the lists, and then I check off each item, one by one.  This gives me piece of mind that everything is covered.

Twelve days to MMT.  About the only thing I have not prepped for MMT is heat training.  This coming week may help with that, as the temperatures seem to about ready to climb.

I guess I am in taper mode now. I ran 20 miles with Kate, Cam, and Slim Thursday night.  That was my last long run. I got the 10K run around the block today.  I plan another hill repeat this week and will keep the loops to either 4 miles or 10K around the block.

Hmm, what else to say? I don’t know. I feel ready for MMT. I wish it was tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get back on the rocks.  Kerns Mountain will have to be warmer than it was in February.  Can’t wait to feel that difference.

Can’t wait!

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