Sometimes a Run is Just a Run

That’s what today’s run was.

I was bored with my 11 miler around the block.  So I mapped out a new location, it was about   9 miles, but I was hoping it would hit with a good descent in a valley.

A “Blah” run. I don’t have many of these. I drank some orange juice with my breakfast, right before my run.  It burned and irritated me on the entire run.

The back roads I chose weren’t that interesting or that epic.  A slow descent to a valley, a short climb up, and then, meh, boringness.

I didn’t have the energy either.  I haven’t gotten that much decent sleep since the Alice pup has arrived.  I believe my longest sleep has been about 7 hours.  I am hoping to improve on that in the 11 days before Massanutten.  And hopefully sooner than that.

So, sometimes a run is just a run.  I am running a marathon on Saturday, it may well turn into my last long run before Massanutten..  I meant to get more long runs in the month of April, but the new mantra I have found is true: ” Train as much as you can consistently train.”

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