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Ups and Downs

No, not my mental health or confidence level for a change.

Just some road ups and downs.


This is on my 10K route.  It’s about 3 miles to the steep hill, where there is just farmland, no houses or dogs to bother me.

I didn’t even count them.  I turned on the last IMTalk podcast, and trudged up the hill, and then ran down it as quickly as possible.  Kind of backwards of how most people tackle hill repeats, but I wanted to tax my quads as much as possible.  I had a certain amount of time alloted for the work out, then I began the three miles back to the house.  Wow, now I was tired!

Montrail Bajadas

I wore these exact shoes for the Massanutten 100 Mile Race. They had about 20 miles on them prior to the race.  This is what they look like now!!

I believe a shoe should last more than 140 miles.  I think it is ridiculous how much the uppers are shredded on these shoes.  How am I supposed to keep scree and other rocks out of my shoes with all these wholes in them?

After this blog post is completed, I am going to contact Montrail and hopefully show them my pics.   I want my money back or another pair of shoes. Shoes should last more than 140 miles!!

Yes You Should

I actually got a workout in last evening after work. I was pretty happy about that.  It did mean I got home pretty late, after 8 pm, so the evening was pretty short.  But since I am off work today (schedule change) it was much easier to rationalize in the workout.

We are going out of town today, so I am not sure if a workout will happen. If anything, it will be of the gardening variety, as I need to stake my tomato plants and prune them already. And assemble Wilma the Scarecrow out there.

I am also off Thursday.  I had been thinking on a road trip to trails out of town; then I thought better of it, time wise.  I  am going to do hill repeats on my steep dirt road in order to work out the eccentric movement of the quads.  I am more interested in running the downhills fast than the climbing uphill.

I work Friday, but the late shift, so that is good for my 10K loop.

Saturday I may go for a long run at Salt Fork. There is a 50K race at SF Saturday, called the “Buckeye Buster”.  I may do some of my miles on their race course and see if I run into friends out there.

Just trying to get those quality workouts in there right now.

Trail Run Today

I got out early this morning, as we were to have company at lunch today.

I parked at the Lodge, and first did one loop of the “Bigfoot 50K” loop.  Then, I started out on the loop again but then just ran side trails as I find three loops of the 50K course kind of boring.

It was a pretty warm day out there.

Yes, I do have awesome calves.
I made sure I stepped into the lake first thing and ran with wet feet the entire time.  We’re almost at drought status here; so most of the streams were dried up.  But every chance I found to get my feet wet, I dunked them. (My feet will be wet for the entire Hardrock course.) 
I was keeping an eye on the time, and had to cut my course short as to get back home at noon.  So I got almost 4.5 hours on the trail, running, jogging, hiking.  Good time on my feet.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.

Robert Frost
 One of the few poems from my youth that I can recite the whole poem..and it’s all due to the book, “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton, which was also made into a movie in the 80’s..

The I Post

NO, not the ibuprofen post. That should be a whole post of its own, one day.  (Note to self)

Actually, “I” could either stand for Injury or IT Band.

No, I am not injured.

But my IT band has woke up again.

It’s been asleep for a long time.  Occasionally, after a 50K or so, it may ache a little bit.

My knee hurt last night, to the point whenever I woke up, I could feel knee pain. I was hoping it was just residual bruises, as it’s the same knee that I have fallen on three times in the last month.  

But no, as the work day went on, I could feel it was at the insertion point of the knee, of the IT Band.

I went to the gym, did not climb, focused on upper arms.  The IT twinged as I moved about.

I came home and stretched, the best  I could with a 29 lb German Shepherd puppy biting me in the face.

And I am going to continue to stretch. Once upon a time, I was a champion stretcher. I had a nice 15 minute routine, and lots of flexibility.  I’ve turned into more of a curmudgeonly stiff runner.

I’m going to get the flexibility back. I am going to stretch the IT Band.

Thoughts of an injury has never entered my mind, for a long time.  Perhaps since my original IT Band injury in 2006 or so. I’ve been very healthy. I mean to keep it there!

Tick Tock

Time moves on.
It’s been a good recovery week. I did no physical activity until the weekend.
Saturday I resolved to walk 4 miles around the block. Well, I jogged the downhills, most of the flats, and walked the uphills.  Then I weeded the garden, and raked up 4 cartloads of grass clippings for the garden.
Sunday I took the dogs for their walk, then decided I had time to run my 10K around the block before the husband and I went to a matinee.  
I felt fine on the run. Scooter (the dog) joined me for his 1/2 mile or so trot.  I walked most of the uphills and was amused to see my 10K time in the exact normal range that I run it in, maybe two minutes over.  It doesn’t seem to change my pace, to run a 10(4) mile race the weekend before.
So it will be a regular work week for me, and then, this is my upcoming weekend to work, so that is always a reduced mileage week. 
So I will play it by ear. I still need to get started on my upper arm work, and my core work. I will tentatively plan out a training schedule for the week, but will listen to my body.  If I am just tanked by the end of the work day, I may change my workout plan.  Note I did not say bail on my workout.  I don’t have the luxury of time not to make every day count now.
I really haven’t gone into the post MMT analysis, but that’s okay.  That will be something I will pull out, with pleasure, in March of 2013, with the idea of drilling down to a sub 30 hour finish (yes, with crew and pacer I believe!)  But that’s a whole other post, and an “A” Goal for 2013.
I’ve just now started to print out other people’s splits for Hardrock, and will start to analyze and compare.
That is pretty much what the next month-all 53 days-will be filled with.
Tick tock.

Recovery, Day..Four?

Recovery is the step-child of the training plan.  We carefully plan out our goal race, craft our splits, develop our pacing, our aid station packing, race day nutrition, and then….what?  Sometimes it’s a black hole or abyss, after the race ends.

For some, with a target goal race planned and executed, recovery is easy.  You can do whatever you want. Or nothing. Maybe that was your big Race of the year, and now you don’t plan to run anything else, for months.

But for others, like me, there always is something else on the horizion, another race in the works.  For this, yes, you do need to recover. But then you also need to jump back into training.

The big question is, WHEN.

And I don’t think there is a good answer, other than the “listen to your body” answer. 

I got home Monday, about 4 pm. I slept in Tuesday morning, but had to work my 10 hour shift. That was difficult. I got home and almost immediately went to bed.

I was fortunate enough to have Wednesday as my regular scheduled day off, so I slept in, hiked the property with the dogs, went out for lunch and a movie with the hubby, and prepped my lunches for the next two days.

My body feels pretty good. I am tired. I woke up still kind of tired. But the legs are not that stiff.   The husband even commented that it seems I am recovering quicker.

But I don’t want to push it.

I have a list of some things I need to work on for Hardrock, mainly core and upper arms. 

I am also planning on doing some longer hikes, versus runs, in the next month here.  I am going to be doing alot more hiking than running, so I do need to work on my power hiking. I think it would be more valuable time in hiking for 6 hours than a 6 hour run at this point in time.

Meanwhile, I am getting back to healthy eating. I’ve made salads for work, cut up veggies for work, and now have fresh strawberries from the Amish to eat and also blend into smoothies.

I’m going to sleep more, and I will take time to recover. I don’t plan on a workout Thursday or Friday, but I think Saturday will be a good day for a hike and maybe a little running mixed in.