Date Deprived

I have no concept of what the date is. Or, if I know what the date is, no concept of the relation to the date.

I thought I had not written a blog post in “a long time”.  In turns out, it was just this past week.  Was it just last weekend that I paced at Mohican?

I leave for CO on Thursday. I’m pretty tightly wound. I would say, welll, I am wound.

I think I will feel better once I arrive in Denver and get to my friend’s house.  Once I am on the ground, in the West, I want to lay on the deck, at his house, and see if I can decompress.

Tomorrow is my day off here, of work. I need to finalize my packing, and spend the day with my husband.

And run my 10K loop around the block, because I haven’t run in about five days, and with all my tension and non-running (aka called working the weekend) I need to run.  I have to say good-bye to my little neighborhood, I will be gone for 3 weeks! I will miss the green woods of the east.

Then I work Tuesday and Wednesday, then Thursday I fly West.

But do not worry!  The internet works in the West also, and I’m pretty sure my friend has internet at his home, so my blogging will be updated.  I will be interested in blogging about the altitude, as a lowlander, and my thoughts on the Big West. 

Maybe Monday’s blog will be an update on the plan out West!!

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