I am in the West!

I arrived in Denver in the afternoon, smooth, fast uneventful flight out.  I spent my time waiting for my ride, reading a new blog:  The Mediocre Athlete.  OMG.  She is freaking hilarious! And a good writer, and definitely NOT a mediocre athlete, by any standards.

At the Denver airport, you could smell smoke, although it was hard to tell if that was smoke in the distance, or just the weather, Gombu says that it was just the weather.

I immediately noticed I was in the West, as my hands went extremely dry.  I also have noticed it with my eyes also.  I will probably try out my contacts and see how they do.  I might be wearing my glasses for the time out here.

I seemed to eschew the whole  “avoid alcohol, drink lots of water” advice immediately.  I had a Mojo IPA at the Boulder Brew House, at the airport, then had more beers with Shubi and Gombu, at their local hangout.  Sigh.  Perfectly fried sweet potato fries.  (Perfectly fried potatoes is like a Holy Grail search in the restaurants around where I live.)

No worries, I was also drinking water, and am continuing to drink water.  I may have straight hair by the end of this journey, due to lack of humidity.

As we drove west, on the highway, I was treated to a spectacular view of the Rockies-a true welcome to the West! (It’s too bad I didn’t think of trying to snap a picture.)

Today is a mellow day.  Gombu is going to show me some trails later, I’m going to visit the grocery store to lay in some supplies, and enjoy the great outdoors.  But there will be pics later!

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