Well, most things are better after a trail run.  I’ve broken through some apathy, on a bunch of levels. 

As I drive south to Salt Fork State Park, I notice new downed trees in the area.  Apparently just a few miles south got hit harder last evening than us.

The park was hit hard!  But I start down the white blazed bridle trail.  But almost immediately, it’s tough going.  I can see the trails had been cleared from the Derecho that hit June 29.  But now there are fresh trees down.  All I am doing is climbing over, through, and around big downed trees.

I give up after 1/2 mile and go off-piste back to the road.  I come across some park workers, and they say a tornado hit in the area, and tore up one of the marinas.  Okay, that would explain alot!

I decided not to give up, but drove further into the park and entered the campground.  There was not any fresh storm damage in this area.  There was much evidence of the Derecho.

Mother Nature, Landscaper

There were a few areas of trail that I almost didn’t recognize due to Mother Nature re-arranging her placement of trees.  A wooded, almost dark section was now in the broad daylight due to her decision to lop off some tall trees.  Apparently it was their time to go.

And that’s how Mother Nature works, whether it’s a wind storm or a fire started from a natural cause.  Topography changes.  The big tree is uprooted.  The stream, which was next to the big tree, now has a new route to progress down to the lake.  The old stream bed now starts to green up itself, without the water movement on it.  Sometimes it’s a long, slow change, other changes are quick and abrupt.

The bridle trail in the campground was runnable.  It was a slow run.  I tried to take some pictures of deer, but they were too blurry for the public eye.  It was a good run.  Slow, somewhat miserable in the humidity,  I didn’t mind-at least I was out there.   I had no particular goals in terms of mileage or pace.  I do have, in the back of my mind, that I have a 50 mile race in just about one month.  I don’t want to lose my fitness.  But I also don’t feel quite like jumping back into a training routine just quite yet. 

That being said, I am thinking of  my 10K route tomorrow, and my 11 mile around the block on Sunday.

Sometimes running is just not training. Sometimes it’s just running, for running sake.

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