Me and my Bodyweight

Today was Day One of Excercising-without-running.

So as I drank my morning coffee, I Gooogled “home workout bodyweight” and came up with about 2.3 million hits in 0.3 seconds.

I printed off the third one I read.  It seemed to be a pretty straightforward workout.

Then I had the brilliant idea, hey, it’s summer, no need to do these in my dim, dusty workout/wine cellar room downstairs!

Of course, I did have to factor in the three dog scenario.  This is similiar to the “home situp attempt” where you try and do situps as three dogs wander by and either lick your face or sit on your chest.

I took the jump rope out (bought for my abandoned UnderArmour contest) for warm up.

The dogs didn’t like the jump rope. Or the hop scotch.  They did like the push ups. The GS pup kept ripping up grass and dirt and shaking it all over me.

I abandoned the dogs to the area outside the fence.

I did “Workout A”.  Repeat 4-8 rounds?  I didn’t read all of that. I did 4 rounds.  I also only did 12 pushups each time, on my knees. Yes, I am that under-developed.  But you have to start somewhere.

I found the jump rope kind of fun, although I  have no stamina for that either.

Tomorrow should be a 10K RATB, although we have to first butcher a lamb (the Amish are conveniently dropping it by) first thing in the morning.  So I hope to do Workout B-called Baby Burpee (I think these used to be called jump squat thrusts back in the day) before the lamb shows up, then get to the run before it gets too hot.  Maybe I shall also try and record the details of my 10K, too, to be able to have some fair comparisions.

And it’s August already!!

Good enough reason to start a new routine!

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