Writer’s Block

 So where has my writing muse been?  I had *all day* yesterday to work on blog posts and time to plan blog posts.  I started at least three or four. Closed them.  Some were a bit too truthful, and I didn’t want to hear people’s comments about my whining. Others were just too..uninspired.

I even consulted my “blog planning document” on Google, scanned some phrases I jotted for future blog posts-trail safety, maltodextrin, my hatred of video blogs,  drop bag planning…nope.  Just didn’t see anything I felt like writing about.

I even googled “blog content” and got a great list of items that should spark me to some sizzling blog content.

I was not even inspired to write about my running plans for the day-which has subsequently changed.  I was going to go run the Zoar Valley Trail, about twenty miles.  Late in the evening, I changed my mind.  I was just very uninspired to be running in the afternoon, over exposed trail. 

SO I am off to Salt Fork State Park this morning.  I hope to find the muse out there on the trail somewhere.

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