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Crappy pictures, good run

I felt a little better waking up getting a dog toy dropped on my face by a puppy this morning.  I made it almost to 7am.  My HR, using the phone app was 55 and 58.  I felt rested, not tired this morning.

I had a good run.  It was cool out, about fifty degrees. I wore a short sleeve shirt with my Moeben sleeves.  This have really been quite useful.  Instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt and getting too hot, it’s very easy just to peel these off after 30 minutes or so.

I felt good. I had energy out on the run.  I had energy on the whole run.

My pictures are kind of fuzzy.  I don’t know what is up with that. I specifically ran this 11 miler, so I could get a couple of good fall views with the red barns:

This old house has the greatest view.  It sits atop the highest ridge in the area, about 1281 feet.  Nobody is living in it right now.

I did have to stop and pet one dog.  I ran by his house. He was sleeping in the yard, this old basset hound.  I had passed him, but he came bounding out into the road, so happy to see someone, I had to go back and give him some love.

This is usually a great view from Gilmore Road.  Actually, the view is great, my camera skills are not.

Our failed wine buying trip in Zanesville yesterday was not a total failure.  I picked up the seasonal Punkin Ale:
A full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar. Perfect to warm-up with, as it cools down.

It is okay.  I am not really tasting the pumpkin notes in it;  but I have to say it is a very tasty post run beer.

Zero Days-the Results

What is the saying, “if you think you have a problem, you do?”   (As in if you think you have a drinking problem, you do)

So if I think I am over trained, then I probably am.

Or, actually I prefer the term “under recovered”.  I think that fits much better. 

 It’s not that I have had an insane month of training.

I don’t think it is so much I have been over-exercising, but I feel it’s the accumulation of stress of the last two months. Well, the month of August, running the 50 mile race, out of town,  then not really recovering much in September; going out of town for the 50K Groundhog race, and then out of town again for the YUTC 50K race.  I was very tired after the YUTC weekend although I did not run it.

From Pfitzinger:
Although the causes of over training are not well understood, many cases of over training are believed to be due to over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. This stimulation is a result of all the stresses in your life, including training, sleep deprivation, nutritional deficits, job stress, family stress, etc. Chronic sympathetic stimulation leads to increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline and the feeling that your mind and body are stuck on-leaving you unable to fully relax or to perform at your best.”

It is now three days of sleeping in-well, until 0630 or 0700 am. And no running, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

HR Friday 62   This is elevated. My resting  HR is usually in the high 40s, or low 50’s.

Saturday I placed the phone beside the bed; I have an “HR app” on the phone.  I slept in, till about 730am, grabbed the phone, drifted off, then woke up, and used the “HR app” on the phone.

HR Saturday 62


I was hoping all these days of rest, of sleeping in a bit, and not getting in six miles before my work shift, was helping.
Now I don’t know what to do.

My tentative plan for Sunday was to run to town and back, which is about 17 or 18 miles.  I have a brand new pair of road shoes, and I have a 100 mile run coming up in about 17 days!

I guess the question is, what’s more important, getting in one longer last run, for the 100 miler, or rest?

I already know the answer to this.  I’ve got the endurance for the 100 miler. But is it the psychology of sitting around on my ass for too many days that is bothering me?  I’m not burning calories doing nothing. 

Besides, I “like to run”.

 I was happily busy all day Saturday with the husband, have a portrait picture taken, then lunch and wine shopping in Zanesville-a big FAIL BTW, we can scratch food and wine off the Zanesville map; and then shopping at various antique malls/flea markets on the way home. I picked up a couple of Christmas presents and actually a few items for myself, score!

So I guess I will let Sunday present itself. I will sleep in. Till, oh, 730 am or so. And see what the weather dictates.  It’s either the 10K around the block, or the 18 miler, to town and back.


Weigh In Thursday

I re-joined Weight Watchers this Monday.  My weight was up seven pounds (plus the five or ten original pounds that I still have not lost).  I felt a little clueless on what tactic to take-count calories, go back to WW?

I thought about WW.  I thought “it’s a pain to do all that measuring, and portioning out, and journalling..”  and I had the “aha!”  moment.

Yes, that’s why you lost 75 lbs the first time.  And then 40 lbs.  And if you measure, and portion, and journal, these 20 lbs will come off.

Yes, it can be kind of a pain.  Yes, WW does not mesh well with an ultra runner excercise routine.  My current WeightWatchers Activity Points Goal (for the week) is 46 points.

Weight Watchers recommends a Weekly Activity PointsPlus goal of no higher than 42. To reduce the risk of injury, we recommend you earn no more than 6 activity PointsPlus values per day unless you’re under the supervision of a qualified exercise specialist.

My 10K around the block earned me 15 points just for one run.  So I just reset my weekly Activity Points Goal to 99 (the highest it will let me go.)

So once I rejoined, my little on-line weight tracker gadget gave me a new 5% goal.  This just immediatley helped me.  I had a brand new little white board, nice and clean.  I was starting over.

I decided to keep my weigh in day the same, Thursday morning.  With my  work schedule, Thursday is one of the days of the week I have the most “off”.  Hence we probably go out to eat the most on this day, and/or I over-eat or over-drink at home.  So, it’s best to weigh in first that day, you have the rest of the week to stay “on plan”.

Today’s result: 1.5 pounds gained

I thought about not posting this, but then, I thought why not?  I’ve been pretty honest here.  I’ve taken pics and posted them at my fattest size, and posted the more flattering pics. 

I also found it a bit funny, too. Oh well.  1 (or 2 lbs) can just be water, maybe due to the 11 slices of turkey pepperoni I had at work for a snack.  (I try not to eat salty foods the day before a weigh in.)

So I shall see if I can post a 3 lb weight loss for next Thursday. 

Coopers Rock

I got out to Coopers Rock State Forest last Friday. Beautiful weather, great day to spend in the woods on the last day of Summer.

I started on the north side of I-68.  The first 1.9 miles is kind of boring, out under the trees.

I finally hit single track trail about mile 2.   There is also the defunct trail bridge here.

This trail, on the north side of I-68, is the WVU Research Forest:

I ran down Ken’s Run Trail, which I can pick up the Hemlock Trail.  The Hemlock Trail is a loop, with a little spur out to the road:

I get out to the road, where a female and her black lab are just getting ready to start.  I re-take them, as I am just turning around at the road.  I re-encounter them on this little loop.

Following my map, I should end up back at my starting point of this loop, then run the spur backwards to where I have started.
But the trail goes off to the left, so I follow.  It dumps me out on the natural gas right-of-way. Which I do remember crossing.  But this cairn, by the trail, is not the same one.

I do spot a trail, across the right of way. I start down it.  But I encounter sketchy trails-aka deer trails-and several big cobwebs.  Now, if I have been down this trail, in the last hour, I should not be ducking into cob webs.

I go back to the right of way.  I’m kind of obstinate, in a bad way.  I choose not to get back on the path I have travelled down.  I whip out my *compass* and map, which I have brought.  The gas right-of-way is not on the map.  But I know I need to go north.

And if I follow the right of way, north, it *should* intersect the trail.  Cuz I remember crossing the right of way, earlier.

I climb two significant climbs and descents.  I’m getting a little doubtful.  But the compass is still leading me north. I’m getting a bit stressed, as I am spending way too much  time on this area of trail.  I still gotta go scope out the Cooper’s Rock area.

FINALLY, I run down a hill, and find the trail sign I am looking for.  Hooray for compasses and common sense to use them.  I think the natural gas line should have  been on the map too.

South Side

The South Side of Coopers Rock State Forest is the populated side, with many small trails.

Views from Coopers Rock:

Playing on the boulders around the Overlook is alot of fun

I tried to hit up on some trails I had not been on before.  One was Raven Rock Trail, which promised a great view at the end:

After I got back to my car at the Overlook, I drove over (in the sake of time management, I could have also simply ran over) to the Picnic Area loop.  I picked up the Rhododendron Trail, which I remembered being on, and then navigated my way over the short trails to the Iron Furnace.
I keep saying short trails because many of these trails are just short in distance, like 0.3 to 1 mile in length.  You can cobble together a long route, using most of the trails.
I was running out of time, as I had a three hour drive home, so I came up the Ridge Trail to “Rock City”.

It would be fun to explore the rocks right here, but I just continued down the trail, to get back to my vehicle.

The giant at Coopers Rock:
I got 6 miles on the north side of I-68, and nine and change on the South Side.
  While running all day-it was nice and warm, in the 70’s, I kept wondering if the snakes were still out.  I jumped over this guy late into the day-yes,  I guess the snakes were enjoying the weather too~!


I did it!  I wore a long-sleeved shirt AND gloves and capris for my morning jog.  First time in colder gear since being in Colorado!

My hamstrings are still horribly tight, but this morning jog was actually more about just getting out there to burn calories.  I am still up seven pounds but am committed to getting at least one or two of these off this week.  Better food planning and less alcohol.

I jogged down my side road and then went down Yellow Water Road, which is a steep downhill, down to the Yellow Water Creek and the tiny one lane bridge over the creek.  I should run on this road more, as there are no houses on it, just one drive leading back to a hunting cabin.   Spooked three deer out of the road but they only ran up the hill a short ways; they weren’t afraid of me.

I had the idea of doing “speedwork” at the track tomorrow morning, but I think I am bagging that-again.  With my legs as tight as they are, I don’t see what benefit I would get.

Stretching is on the agenda for this week!

Blowing out the Cobwebs

The last couple of days I’ve been pretty fatigued, runs have been rather “so-so” and I chalk it up to residual tiredness left over from the 50 mile race and the 50K race.

I’ve made an effort to get more sleep the last two nights, and have been making far better food choices.  I did a lot of junky eating in Ugly August, and it just kind of followed me into September, where I am still up seven pounds, but I am okay with that, that will come off as I drill down more with better food and more consistent exercise.

I slept in until *almost* 7 am. I tried to play dead until the GS pup stuck her big GS nose into my eyeball.  I did take my heart rate while laying in bed, it was 54.  So that is a bit up, I think it’s usually in the higher 40’s. 

It was a great cold morning, 50 degrees and a breeze.  I wore a short sleeve shirt with my Moeben arm warmers on, and I was glad to have them.  The hands were actually chilly for about one mile.

But the cold weather felt really nice, and I felt nice and energized in the first two miles, something I haven’t felt in a bit.

I did slow down and pet Scooter and talk to his owner, who were both standing in the road, so I figure I lost about 30 seconds for being sociable.

I continued feeling good, running most of the way, still power walked up the big hills.  Just didn’t feel like busting my butt that badly, as my hiking pace up these hills is probably no faster than trying to run up them.

Got to the neighbor’s mailbox, my stopping point for my 6.4 mile, stopped and looked at the Garmin.

1.13!! Well Well Well. That is actually a PR for my little route.  I am pretty pleased with that.  It would be nice to finally get the time shaved off a bit for this route-and considering my weight is up also right now.  The colder weather also helps.

Even more impressive-at least to me-I managed four steps in a row on the slack line.  And I was able to repeat that three more times.  Hey, you have to start somewhere!

Reverse Run

I had originally planned on a speedwork session at the high school track for Monday, but I changed that workout on my drive home from work on Sunday.  I was just tired.  I didn’t see where I would have a good session, so I just resolved to do my normal 10K around the block.

I decided to run it in reverse, which I rarely do.  These days it is due to Scooter the dog.  The last time I ran this way, he followed me down to the state route that I live on.  Now I know it is not my responsibility for Scooter, who runs freely.  But he followed me and got hit by a logging truck I would feel horrible.

Boy I was glad for a no speedwork day! I felt like crap.   Legs were tight and felt like that concrete had been poured in them.  It seemed I was walking up all the hills. Maybe they will feel better in a few miles.

I did finally get warmed up around mile 4 or so.  I stopped the Garmin at the usual spot and was actually surprised to see 1.20, pretty much my usual time for this loop, I felt it would have been more like 1.30.

I do listen to my body more these days, especially about recovery, but that doesn’t mean I am not frustrated by it! I did just run a 50K a week ago, and a 50 miler two weeks before that.

I was a bit startled to look at today’s date and see that it is September 18..already. About one month until my 100 mile run.  Time to be thinking about better recovery from these last two efforts, cleaner eating.  I did hop on the scale this morning.  I am up about eight pounds, which was what I thought. After my stress eating of Ugly August, I let some bad habits creep back in.  Time to get rid of those!