Blowing out the Cobwebs

The last couple of days I’ve been pretty fatigued, runs have been rather “so-so” and I chalk it up to residual tiredness left over from the 50 mile race and the 50K race.

I’ve made an effort to get more sleep the last two nights, and have been making far better food choices.  I did a lot of junky eating in Ugly August, and it just kind of followed me into September, where I am still up seven pounds, but I am okay with that, that will come off as I drill down more with better food and more consistent exercise.

I slept in until *almost* 7 am. I tried to play dead until the GS pup stuck her big GS nose into my eyeball.  I did take my heart rate while laying in bed, it was 54.  So that is a bit up, I think it’s usually in the higher 40’s. 

It was a great cold morning, 50 degrees and a breeze.  I wore a short sleeve shirt with my Moeben arm warmers on, and I was glad to have them.  The hands were actually chilly for about one mile.

But the cold weather felt really nice, and I felt nice and energized in the first two miles, something I haven’t felt in a bit.

I did slow down and pet Scooter and talk to his owner, who were both standing in the road, so I figure I lost about 30 seconds for being sociable.

I continued feeling good, running most of the way, still power walked up the big hills.  Just didn’t feel like busting my butt that badly, as my hiking pace up these hills is probably no faster than trying to run up them.

Got to the neighbor’s mailbox, my stopping point for my 6.4 mile, stopped and looked at the Garmin.

1.13!! Well Well Well. That is actually a PR for my little route.  I am pretty pleased with that.  It would be nice to finally get the time shaved off a bit for this route-and considering my weight is up also right now.  The colder weather also helps.

Even more impressive-at least to me-I managed four steps in a row on the slack line.  And I was able to repeat that three more times.  Hey, you have to start somewhere!

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