I did it!  I wore a long-sleeved shirt AND gloves and capris for my morning jog.  First time in colder gear since being in Colorado!

My hamstrings are still horribly tight, but this morning jog was actually more about just getting out there to burn calories.  I am still up seven pounds but am committed to getting at least one or two of these off this week.  Better food planning and less alcohol.

I jogged down my side road and then went down Yellow Water Road, which is a steep downhill, down to the Yellow Water Creek and the tiny one lane bridge over the creek.  I should run on this road more, as there are no houses on it, just one drive leading back to a hunting cabin.   Spooked three deer out of the road but they only ran up the hill a short ways; they weren’t afraid of me.

I had the idea of doing “speedwork” at the track tomorrow morning, but I think I am bagging that-again.  With my legs as tight as they are, I don’t see what benefit I would get.

Stretching is on the agenda for this week!

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