Reverse Run

I had originally planned on a speedwork session at the high school track for Monday, but I changed that workout on my drive home from work on Sunday.  I was just tired.  I didn’t see where I would have a good session, so I just resolved to do my normal 10K around the block.

I decided to run it in reverse, which I rarely do.  These days it is due to Scooter the dog.  The last time I ran this way, he followed me down to the state route that I live on.  Now I know it is not my responsibility for Scooter, who runs freely.  But he followed me and got hit by a logging truck I would feel horrible.

Boy I was glad for a no speedwork day! I felt like crap.   Legs were tight and felt like that concrete had been poured in them.  It seemed I was walking up all the hills. Maybe they will feel better in a few miles.

I did finally get warmed up around mile 4 or so.  I stopped the Garmin at the usual spot and was actually surprised to see 1.20, pretty much my usual time for this loop, I felt it would have been more like 1.30.

I do listen to my body more these days, especially about recovery, but that doesn’t mean I am not frustrated by it! I did just run a 50K a week ago, and a 50 miler two weeks before that.

I was a bit startled to look at today’s date and see that it is September 18..already. About one month until my 100 mile run.  Time to be thinking about better recovery from these last two efforts, cleaner eating.  I did hop on the scale this morning.  I am up about eight pounds, which was what I thought. After my stress eating of Ugly August, I let some bad habits creep back in.  Time to get rid of those!

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