Weigh In Thursday

I re-joined Weight Watchers this Monday.  My weight was up seven pounds (plus the five or ten original pounds that I still have not lost).  I felt a little clueless on what tactic to take-count calories, go back to WW?

I thought about WW.  I thought “it’s a pain to do all that measuring, and portioning out, and journalling..”  and I had the “aha!”  moment.

Yes, that’s why you lost 75 lbs the first time.  And then 40 lbs.  And if you measure, and portion, and journal, these 20 lbs will come off.

Yes, it can be kind of a pain.  Yes, WW does not mesh well with an ultra runner excercise routine.  My current WeightWatchers Activity Points Goal (for the week) is 46 points.

Weight Watchers recommends a Weekly Activity PointsPlus goal of no higher than 42. To reduce the risk of injury, we recommend you earn no more than 6 activity PointsPlus values per day unless you’re under the supervision of a qualified exercise specialist.

My 10K around the block earned me 15 points just for one run.  So I just reset my weekly Activity Points Goal to 99 (the highest it will let me go.)

So once I rejoined, my little on-line weight tracker gadget gave me a new 5% goal.  This just immediatley helped me.  I had a brand new little white board, nice and clean.  I was starting over.

I decided to keep my weigh in day the same, Thursday morning.  With my  work schedule, Thursday is one of the days of the week I have the most “off”.  Hence we probably go out to eat the most on this day, and/or I over-eat or over-drink at home.  So, it’s best to weigh in first that day, you have the rest of the week to stay “on plan”.

Today’s result: 1.5 pounds gained

I thought about not posting this, but then, I thought why not?  I’ve been pretty honest here.  I’ve taken pics and posted them at my fattest size, and posted the more flattering pics. 

I also found it a bit funny, too. Oh well.  1 (or 2 lbs) can just be water, maybe due to the 11 slices of turkey pepperoni I had at work for a snack.  (I try not to eat salty foods the day before a weigh in.)

So I shall see if I can post a 3 lb weight loss for next Thursday. 

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