Zero Days-the Results

What is the saying, “if you think you have a problem, you do?”   (As in if you think you have a drinking problem, you do)

So if I think I am over trained, then I probably am.

Or, actually I prefer the term “under recovered”.  I think that fits much better. 

 It’s not that I have had an insane month of training.

I don’t think it is so much I have been over-exercising, but I feel it’s the accumulation of stress of the last two months. Well, the month of August, running the 50 mile race, out of town,  then not really recovering much in September; going out of town for the 50K Groundhog race, and then out of town again for the YUTC 50K race.  I was very tired after the YUTC weekend although I did not run it.

From Pfitzinger:
Although the causes of over training are not well understood, many cases of over training are believed to be due to over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. This stimulation is a result of all the stresses in your life, including training, sleep deprivation, nutritional deficits, job stress, family stress, etc. Chronic sympathetic stimulation leads to increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline and the feeling that your mind and body are stuck on-leaving you unable to fully relax or to perform at your best.”

It is now three days of sleeping in-well, until 0630 or 0700 am. And no running, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

HR Friday 62   This is elevated. My resting  HR is usually in the high 40s, or low 50’s.

Saturday I placed the phone beside the bed; I have an “HR app” on the phone.  I slept in, till about 730am, grabbed the phone, drifted off, then woke up, and used the “HR app” on the phone.

HR Saturday 62


I was hoping all these days of rest, of sleeping in a bit, and not getting in six miles before my work shift, was helping.
Now I don’t know what to do.

My tentative plan for Sunday was to run to town and back, which is about 17 or 18 miles.  I have a brand new pair of road shoes, and I have a 100 mile run coming up in about 17 days!

I guess the question is, what’s more important, getting in one longer last run, for the 100 miler, or rest?

I already know the answer to this.  I’ve got the endurance for the 100 miler. But is it the psychology of sitting around on my ass for too many days that is bothering me?  I’m not burning calories doing nothing. 

Besides, I “like to run”.

 I was happily busy all day Saturday with the husband, have a portrait picture taken, then lunch and wine shopping in Zanesville-a big FAIL BTW, we can scratch food and wine off the Zanesville map; and then shopping at various antique malls/flea markets on the way home. I picked up a couple of Christmas presents and actually a few items for myself, score!

So I guess I will let Sunday present itself. I will sleep in. Till, oh, 730 am or so. And see what the weather dictates.  It’s either the 10K around the block, or the 18 miler, to town and back.


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