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My thoughts on the ING NY Marathon

My thoughts mean absolutely nothing.  I have never run NYC and probably never will. (I’m just not much of a road runner, and even less a fan of an event over a couple of thousand runners.)

This is Wednesday, Halloween, and “the show must go on” in NY..  It went on, after 9-11, so it shall now.

But 9-11 was SEPTEMBER 11, and the marathon was a full month later..more or less.  As of today, tunnels are flooded, subways are flooded.

People who live in  this area are without power, maybe food and water.  But you want to bring in 20,000 out of town runners, and give THEM food, power, shelter, water?  Really? 

I do understand that this is about $$$$$$$.  The runners have already committed.  They are not getting back their race fees; they probably won’t get their flight money back, nor hotel rooms.  Okay, I do understand that IS a big investment for most runners.   But do you really want to take away resources from people who really need it?  To just run a foot race?

I do have big goal races myself.  Hardrock has been cancelled in the past for both snow and fire.  I would be unhappy myself if my spring race was cancelled,  one week out.  But if it meant, that first responder, that fireman, police officer, medical person, was going to help out with the present emergency that exists on the Jersey Shore,  I hope I would be okay with that.

As my friend Nick said, press “pause” for 2012, and return with a stellar 2013 ING NYC race.  It is no body’s fault; not George W, not the Mayor, not the city, not the NYRR.  It was simply some unfortunate circumstances.  “Trying to reason with Hurricane Season”  an old Jimmy Buffett song.

In Search of the Sincere Pumpkin Patch

I adopted my  “just jump in” strategy for today’s run.  I donned too many warm layers, jammed the earphones in, turned the Garmin on, and exited the house.

It was 37 degrees and lightly raining.  We got some high winds and rain from Storm Sandy.  She kind of thwarted my plan to go run trails today.  I knew they would just be messy mud, and it would be more mucking and hiking than running.  With temps and rain, I wanted to run as I needed to be able to generate heat!
I was only a bit overheated for the run.  The wind would hit on the ridge, and I was glad to have my great eVent rain jacket on.  The eVent fabric is a waterproof breathable fabric.   REI does not seem to carry any eVent jackets anymore.  Check out this very interesting article from Outside Magazine about it.
I spotted one goat herd, one flock of sheep with its alpaca shepherd, and no pumpkin patches. Pretty glad to be done with this run, despite being snuggly warm in my gear.
I just wanted to give a shout out to fellow NEO TC member, Julie Curtis.  Go give her some blog love comment or on Facebook.  Julie’s little dog,  Emme, AND Julie were attacked by a dog the other day. 

According to her latest FB post, Emme has made it through surgery ok, and will get to go home tomorrow.  Send her and Emme some positive energy please!

Just Jump In

So the schedule called for 6 mile run, on my 9am-7 pm work shift.

I really hate to work the 9-7, or try and fit a workout in on this day.  Cuz the work shift just sucks up just most of the day.  I feel like I am trying to eat two meals on this shift (with only one lunch break.)

It was up to me to fit this 6 mile run in.  I elected to do it pre-work, in the morning.

That meant I had to get out the door by 615am by the latest, so I could be back about 715 am, and still shower and eat.

I had already packed and pre-journalled my food on WW for the day.  Yes, some days you have to be uber organized.

I also had my kit ready to go.  Tights, merino wool shirt, rain jacket, gloves, headlight, Zune.

I woke up, drank some coffee, surfed my emails and the interwebs, and kept an eye on the time.

Then I donned my gear; sync’d the Garmin, started the Zune.

I did not check the temperature outside; I could already hear the rain.

I was actually a bit overdressed but I didn’t really start to overheat until mile 4 or so.

This all took part in the dark.  I took a bit of solace that Slim used to (??) run regularly in all sorts of weather, at     530 or 6 am with Val.

I also had a reflective vest on over my rain jacket.  I did not encounter many cars out there, especially coming at me (where I jumped well off the road). 

It was a slow run, and it did stress me, I could feel it later in the day, in my shoulders and neck.  Next early morning run, I will just run my normal 6.4 miles on the backroads without cars.

After I showered and had breakfast and vaulted outside to get to work, I was struck how nasty and cold the morning was. 42 degrees and raining.  Same conditions I had run in, one hour or so prior.

Very pleased that I had just dove into the run, no whining, no excuses, just execute the run!

I am also very happy that tomorrow is an OFF day, with the rains moving into our region!

Staying On Plan with WW

I spent the entire weekend “up north” in the Cleveland area.  I was resolved to keep logging my food and not make bad food decisions while I was there.  And I did NOT!

Saturday:  Drove to Cleveland at 530 am.  Got a Sheetz Ham Omelot for 6 WW Points-yes, I looked it up!

I was at the IX Center in Cleveland then working a table.  I ate some beef jerky and a Greek Yogurt that I had  brought with me.

This sustained me through the afternoon that I got to spend shopping with my Mom, good times!

My husband and I ate dinner at a Lebanese resturant, where I did use the WW system to guage my points, so I did the best I could.  Then relaxed with some wine afterwards.

Sunday-the hotel was right next to a Dunkin Donuts.  I got coffee and two chocolate Kreme donuts-14 WW points for that! (My daily allotment of points is 26).

Good thing I was going for a run that “earned” me 30 AP! (Activity Points!) I also did not need any other fueling on this 12 mile run, after those two donuts!

I finished, showered, and was soooo hungry.  Luckily, I opened my cooler, to find bananas! And more Greek yogurt. This, with a Vitatop Muffin, satiated me temporarily.  I was very proud to say I staved off all the fast food in the area, eating an apple, string cheese, and another banana, until I was driving home and got some sushi on the way home.

I made very good food choices over the weekend. Now to keep that up, this week!!

New Trail Rocky River Reservation

This weekend found me in Cleveland.  I had free time in the morning, but needed to be back to help my husband at noon,  so I decided to explore some of the trails in the Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.

 It was not raining when I started, but I donned the rain jacket because it was so windy.

I was wearing tights, a long sleeved shirt, fleece  headband, and gloves.  I felt a bit sheepish as I passed some male runners in shorts and short sleeve shirt.  Perhaps I was a bit over dressed.

The rain started right as I hit my turn around point.  As this time, I was really happy to have the rain jacket with hood on!
I really don’t know where I meandered, I followed the bridle trail north, right beside the Rocky River.  It was nice and scenic, pretty yellow leaves on the trail.
Right back at my vehicle was the overlook for the Gorge, in Berea.  I had never been here before!  (I grew up in this area.)
It was very pretty!

It was a nice run.  It was fun to run on some new trails, and to embrace the weather rather than hiding out from it.  The quicker one gets used to the less than stellar elelements of the late fall and winter, well maybe spring will come even quicker.

It’s a Horse, Of course

The schedule called for a 7 mile run this am.

Since the normal “bread and butter” 10K ‘around the block’ is actually 6.4 miles, I didn’t think it would be hard to pad some extra extensions on.

I did start out in the dark.  I did a little 0.1 mile out and back on the State Route, before I hit my normal dirt road side round and start of the loop.  I really didn’t want to surprise Scooter (the neighborhood Bloodhound who runs loose) in the dark.

Dawn was breaking and I was about 1.xxsomething into my run when  Scooter popped out from behind his bale feeder for horses to join me for a short jaunt..but he didn’t scare me, as I was expecting him to be in the vicinity somewhere…Scooter is getting lazy out of his puppy year and just left me as I went down into the valley.

You can really feel the temps in the ridges and hollows..or “hollers” as they are called.  I was comfortable starting out, in short sleeved shirt and shorts, as I got to the creek valley, it could  a little cold, especially on the hands, but then I was quickly climbing on the other side, up..

I pass the Amish Farm about mile 5 into my run (about mile 5.5 today, with my extra addition mileage).  I hear, kind of a funny noise, and I keep looking behind me, expecting to see some dog bearing down on my back side.  But nothing.

Then, a clop clop! Clop Clop!  There is an Amish horse, alone, trotting down the road at me!!!

(My husband asked, how I knew it was an Amish horse, did it have a hat and beard?  All I can say, it was not a horse than an “English rider” would be on.  The horse was bigger than your usual English riding horse. “English” means “non-Amish” in this context.)

Well, I don’t know what to do. I stop.  The horse gets closer, coming downhill, at me.  Where is its owner? And buggy?  Was there an accident, and the horse got free?

I do say, out loud “Whoa Horsey Whoa!!” also deciding I’m not tackling this beast who weighs 800 lbs or so more than me. 

The horse trots on down the road.

A few minutes later, a small Amish boy comes walking down the road.

“Hey, is that your horse?”  He acknowledges that (good he speaks English; many Amish children do not) 

and indicates that he just let the horse go ahead, it’s heading for its stable there at the barn.

So I continue with my run.  Just another day in the life in “God’s Country” as it seems to be known out here.

Amish are our neighbors and a way of life out here.  Where we live, in Ohio, has been one of the fastest growing communities of Amish in the past few years.

For us, they are good neighbors.  They really do not want to be involved with the “English”  (what we folks are) because that is just part of their separtartism.  My husband has business dealings with them so we are familiar with many of the families and various sects in our area.

Being out there on the road with buggies is just a way of life down here. My run yesterday, I was almost home, on the state route, when the Amish buggy overtook me, but then we were both on the uphill. I slowed a bit to let the horse and buggy get ahead, I didn’t want any car drivers getting distracted with both a runner and an Amish buggy on an uphill to contend with!

Scared To-Do List

 I don’t know if I ever posted this?

This is not original from me, although I have long since lost where I clipped it from…

Fair game for the Scared To-Do List:

  • Something you’d like to do, even once….if it wasn’t so scary.
  • Something you wish you could do…if you had the guts.
  • Something that would make a huge difference in your life…if you just did it.
  • Something that intrigues…but yet, intimidates you.
  • or simply, stuff you put off…too scary.

You get the idea.

What is on your scared To-Do List?