A Slight Improvement

I just got from my mid day run.  With the temperature in the 70’s, there was no way I was going for the shorter of my loop bread and butter runs.  I took off for the 10K (6.4mile) option.

Scooter was lazing in the sunlight and barely lifted his head as I went by.   It was sunny, it was warm, and it was very breezy, so I didn’t get that over heated.

The quads were still a little stiff-I had just put 27 miles (and 8000 feet of elevation gain and descent) on them Friday. 

About mile 3, I felt nice and warmed up.  Although I still walked up the big hills, I powered down them a bit harder.  It is much easier to run down hill hard on the dirt road behind your house than on single track in the Virginia wilderness alone..

I stopped at my neighbor’s mailbox, my traditional stopping point for this route, and was surprised to see 1.16 on the Garmin!  That was not with really pushing the pace, just the downhills, and just a few days post TWOT loop!

Now I am off to play on the slackline a bit, repot some herbs, create a couple of stepping stones, and any other activity to keep myself outside for the rest of this gorgeous day!

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