In Search of the Sincere Pumpkin Patch

I adopted my  “just jump in” strategy for today’s run.  I donned too many warm layers, jammed the earphones in, turned the Garmin on, and exited the house.

It was 37 degrees and lightly raining.  We got some high winds and rain from Storm Sandy.  She kind of thwarted my plan to go run trails today.  I knew they would just be messy mud, and it would be more mucking and hiking than running.  With temps and rain, I wanted to run as I needed to be able to generate heat!
I was only a bit overheated for the run.  The wind would hit on the ridge, and I was glad to have my great eVent rain jacket on.  The eVent fabric is a waterproof breathable fabric.   REI does not seem to carry any eVent jackets anymore.  Check out this very interesting article from Outside Magazine about it.
I spotted one goat herd, one flock of sheep with its alpaca shepherd, and no pumpkin patches. Pretty glad to be done with this run, despite being snuggly warm in my gear.
I just wanted to give a shout out to fellow NEO TC member, Julie Curtis.  Go give her some blog love comment or on Facebook.  Julie’s little dog,  Emme, AND Julie were attacked by a dog the other day. 

According to her latest FB post, Emme has made it through surgery ok, and will get to go home tomorrow.  Send her and Emme some positive energy please!

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