My thoughts on the ING NY Marathon

My thoughts mean absolutely nothing.  I have never run NYC and probably never will. (I’m just not much of a road runner, and even less a fan of an event over a couple of thousand runners.)

This is Wednesday, Halloween, and “the show must go on” in NY..  It went on, after 9-11, so it shall now.

But 9-11 was SEPTEMBER 11, and the marathon was a full month later..more or less.  As of today, tunnels are flooded, subways are flooded.

People who live in  this area are without power, maybe food and water.  But you want to bring in 20,000 out of town runners, and give THEM food, power, shelter, water?  Really? 

I do understand that this is about $$$$$$$.  The runners have already committed.  They are not getting back their race fees; they probably won’t get their flight money back, nor hotel rooms.  Okay, I do understand that IS a big investment for most runners.   But do you really want to take away resources from people who really need it?  To just run a foot race?

I do have big goal races myself.  Hardrock has been cancelled in the past for both snow and fire.  I would be unhappy myself if my spring race was cancelled,  one week out.  But if it meant, that first responder, that fireman, police officer, medical person, was going to help out with the present emergency that exists on the Jersey Shore,  I hope I would be okay with that.

As my friend Nick said, press “pause” for 2012, and return with a stellar 2013 ING NYC race.  It is no body’s fault; not George W, not the Mayor, not the city, not the NYRR.  It was simply some unfortunate circumstances.  “Trying to reason with Hurricane Season”  an old Jimmy Buffett song.

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