New Trail Rocky River Reservation

This weekend found me in Cleveland.  I had free time in the morning, but needed to be back to help my husband at noon,  so I decided to explore some of the trails in the Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.

 It was not raining when I started, but I donned the rain jacket because it was so windy.

I was wearing tights, a long sleeved shirt, fleece  headband, and gloves.  I felt a bit sheepish as I passed some male runners in shorts and short sleeve shirt.  Perhaps I was a bit over dressed.

The rain started right as I hit my turn around point.  As this time, I was really happy to have the rain jacket with hood on!
I really don’t know where I meandered, I followed the bridle trail north, right beside the Rocky River.  It was nice and scenic, pretty yellow leaves on the trail.
Right back at my vehicle was the overlook for the Gorge, in Berea.  I had never been here before!  (I grew up in this area.)
It was very pretty!

It was a nice run.  It was fun to run on some new trails, and to embrace the weather rather than hiding out from it.  The quicker one gets used to the less than stellar elelements of the late fall and winter, well maybe spring will come even quicker.

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