Staying On Plan with WW

I spent the entire weekend “up north” in the Cleveland area.  I was resolved to keep logging my food and not make bad food decisions while I was there.  And I did NOT!

Saturday:  Drove to Cleveland at 530 am.  Got a Sheetz Ham Omelot for 6 WW Points-yes, I looked it up!

I was at the IX Center in Cleveland then working a table.  I ate some beef jerky and a Greek Yogurt that I had  brought with me.

This sustained me through the afternoon that I got to spend shopping with my Mom, good times!

My husband and I ate dinner at a Lebanese resturant, where I did use the WW system to guage my points, so I did the best I could.  Then relaxed with some wine afterwards.

Sunday-the hotel was right next to a Dunkin Donuts.  I got coffee and two chocolate Kreme donuts-14 WW points for that! (My daily allotment of points is 26).

Good thing I was going for a run that “earned” me 30 AP! (Activity Points!) I also did not need any other fueling on this 12 mile run, after those two donuts!

I finished, showered, and was soooo hungry.  Luckily, I opened my cooler, to find bananas! And more Greek yogurt. This, with a Vitatop Muffin, satiated me temporarily.  I was very proud to say I staved off all the fast food in the area, eating an apple, string cheese, and another banana, until I was driving home and got some sushi on the way home.

I made very good food choices over the weekend. Now to keep that up, this week!!

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