First Snow!

The schedule called for 8 miles today.

I decided to run my usual 6.4 mile loop, with some out and backs to add in the required mileage.

Scooter wasn’t at his house.  I got up the hill, where the Gump Dogs live, and they didn’t seem to be home either.  I took a right, to add the out and back.  The Garmin died promptly as I began my run, so I wasn’t sure how much to run down the road this way.

I thought I would return at the ..bloodhound in the road ahead.   The dog was barking wildly at me.  Now what was the odds there was another bloodhound in the neighborhood?  I was pretty sure it was Scooter.

“Hi Scooter where you been?” I shouted. He stopped barking and ran wildly right at  me, overjoyed that I knew his name!!  I had to stop running and defend myself as Scooter-very good naturedly-jumped and bumped all over me.  “All right Scooter, I have to get going. But don’t follow, I got to go by the Gump Dogs.”

Scooter followed for a short distance, trotting next to me, bumping into me, and generally just trying to trip me.  He did stop and faded into his woods as I got nearer to the Gump Dogs territory;  it appears they are know and respect their various boundaries.

The Gump Dogs were nowhere to be seen.

Two miles later, the hunters in blaze orange were in high visibility, about 8 or 10 of them at the barn.  I see them every winter; I don’t know whether they are hunting birds or rabbits.  I always feel self-conscious when I see them and wish I had run with some blaze orange on myself (although I am running right down the middle of a dirt road.)

Speaking of clothing, I purchased another merino wool shirt.  I heart merino wool. I think I will just buy the rest of all my clothes as merino wool.  It’s soft, it’s warm.  This one is a nice stripe;  I can wear it running, or I could wear it to work or to a restaurant!

First snowfall of the fall, it won’t be the last.  It was also quite windy.  Of course, when we went out to lunch just one hour or so after my run, why does it seem so much colder then?  It’s hard to believe I was out there running in it!

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