Mill Creek Park Run

I  haven’t run with another human since the YUTC..way back in September. My solo runs were just that.  Although I think I am a pretty solitary person, all this “aloneness” was getting to me.

There has been plenty of group runs and events going on, but none seemed to fit my schedule.  I was having some FOMO going on.

I had a FB invite to a run up north, about a 1.5 hour drive. It sounded..okay.Then I thought, shoot, I would rather drive a 1/2 hour more over to Mill Creek Park and run with closer friends.

Slim came out and ran with me.  We ran up to Rocky Ridge, then took the traditional URINEO Loop…except we didn’t run the Big Bear Spur.   Got lots of club management chatter complete, some plans for the future, and random trail gossip.

It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun came out, the sky was actually blue. Good time on the trails.

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