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It’s Beaujolais Noveau Day!

Yes it is that third weekend in November, where the Beaujolais Noveau wine, newly bottled, is released and rushed to drinking establishments all over the globe!

This young red wine bottled just 6-8 weeks after the grapes are hand-picked.

More BN facts:

The first Nouveau vintage was released in 1951, making this the 60th anniversary edition. Beaujolais Nouveau was originally the wine of the vineyard workers, consumed to celebrate the end of harvest and giving them a first taste of the new vintage. By law, Beaujolais grapes must be harvested by hand and grown on individual, free standing vines in the region of Burgundy.

Our little store (which is actually the local liquor store) actually had the BN in stock.

More interesting, he had sold almost a case of it before we arrived at noon! There are other wine drinkers in the area, who knew? 
The husband and I went out for lunch, then bought the wine, then came home.  It was so nice and sunny out I decided to get that run in before uncorking the bottle.
Don’t eat a Reuben sandwich and fries and then go run one hour later. That sandwich sat like a rock and I got to burp up all the tastiness during the run.  Other than dragging my 4 lb lunch around with me, it was a fabulous SUNNY run.
Then we uncorked the wine.
Tasting notes:  Fruity. Very fruity.  Well, it’s a 2012.   It was a typical BN, kind of sweet, reminiscent of a Lambrusco.  There’s a reason I drink this once a year.
But hey, having a full day to celebrate the unveiling of a 2012 harvest, what’s wrong with that? 

Rain Run

I made it to mile 10 before the rain started.  Then I stopped listening to podcasts, and just turned on a music playlist, and stuck the Zune into a plastic baggie.

I had a fifteen miler on the agenda, and I went down some roads I have not run on in over a year.

I met some new dogs.  There were two huge handsome Rottweilers-in a nice fenced in yard.  I felt much safer saying hello to them with that fence between us.

It had already been a windy run.  But the rain started coming down, and now it was blowing sideways at me. I did have a rain jacket tied around my waist, but as the temperature was sixty degrees, I was really warm. 
I  only had five miles to go and figured as long as I was moving, I wouldn’t get chilled.

The hamstrings started to tighten up after so many road miles. But I got the miles in, a pretty decent run, through some nice farmland.

Buck Run

This big guy was just at the start of the trail.  Meaning he was right by the Lodge and in the “no hunting” zone. Smart guy..At least a six point buck, maybe eight.  His rack curved way out from his head, very symmetric.

I made sure not to get too near.  Rutting season has begun and the males get very aggressive.

14 miles on the calendar today.  It is both funny and sad that a run in the daylight is now considered “a treat”.

And a trail meander is even more so of a treat.

I followed the Bigfoot 50K route backwards, then hopped over to follow the Purple Bridle Trail.  I was curious to see whether the mileage in my head was accurate (I’ve run all over these trails for the last few years.) 

Garmin confirmed my estimates.  I then took off down the Yellow Hiking Trail, a one mile loop.  That spun me back out at the campground road, and I figured 2-3 miles back to the Lodge on the first green, then purple, then Bigfoot route.

14.5 miles, not a bad guesstimate.  The first 9 miles were good, and I was pretty slow the last 4, probably due to being so exuberant in the first 9 miles, leaping over logs and such!

The next three days are working…and running.  I’ve tried to get all my gear and food ready to go, to keep to my training schedule.  This is kind of a little test for me.  I usually “take off” the weekend when I have to work. Now I am not.  It will be interesting to see whether this was more mind over matter.

Peaceful Run

When you get to run in the daylight AND it’s sunny, it’s a double bonus.

Today was a 5 mile run. I wanted to do it on more of the dirt road to keep the wear and tear off my body.

I went down Yellow Water Road, which descends into the creek bottom, where Yellow Water Creek is, then I climb back up on the other side of the valley, then back again.  So it’s pretty hilly.

And so quiet on this road.  There are no houses on this road.  There is one lane to a hunting cabin, and there is one other hunting camper permanently ensconced on this road.  The road is not maintained October through May, hence it is more like a trail than a road.  When muddy, I would recommend 4-Wheel Drive to get up the road.

Despite doing exactly what I said I wanted to avoid doing-two runs back to back, that’s exactly what I did. I ran last night at 545 pm, and then  this morning at 715 am.  With the work schedule, it’s inevitable.

I did start using my Recoverite.  I had a serving promptly after running last night, and I drank a serving this morning once I returned.  I am also going to eat well today.

So I will see how I feel later today after work, hopefully I will not have the same crash and burn effect I had last week after these back to back runs.

Hard as a Rock

 Today was a progressive run. Meaning run each mile a little faster than the next.  Meaning, negative split the run.

The weather was quite nice out today, sunny and warmish.

Although at 545 pm, with the sun going down, it wasn’t quite so nice then, at 42 Degrees.

As I changed clothes at the trailhead, in the cold, I thought “time to go to work.”   This was my time to work, my time to work the plan.

Lap 1  11.11
Lap 2 11.12
Lap 3 10.46
Lap 4 10.26
Lap 5 9.41
Lap 6  8.42

6 miles in 1.02!!!

A wee bit hard to guage pace in the dark. And a bit hard to do also, run each mile faster than the last.  I kept thinking I was increasing the pace,but glancing at the Garmin..hmm nope.

I increased the effort and felt like I was-actually I was- sprinting most of that last mile.

6 miles beeped out at me and I stopped.  Gasped for air, walked across the bridge.  Glanced at  Garmin. 6miles in 1.02.

AC-DC’s “Hard as a Rock” came onto my Zune.  I did a little impromptu dancing down the trail. Dang, I felt good.  Endorphins flowed. 

Very good run.

Big Foot Loop

My friend bailed on me for the Salt Fork run today, so I went out solo.

It was a quiet day at the park, seemed like just me and one boater out on the water.

I got the new Mountain Masochists out of the closet.  I had purchased these in the summer, but have not worn them yet.  This 10 mile loop seemed like a good time to test them out.

 It was a good run out there.  I was a bit tired on the run.  I ran six days this past week, and I think my legs and body are still just absorbing this increase.

There was a race on this loop yesterday and I was expecting big mud.   Although it rained for most of the week, there really were not big patches of mud.  Our area has been in a drought and the water was pretty much absorbed by Mother Earth.
In one area on the Purple Bridle Loop, the derecho storm of late June had downed trees.  Some of the downed trees lay in a portion of trail that was big mud pits, so the new trail blazed around it is actually better, not a mud pit at all.  Sometimes the natural landscaping takes care of itself.

I could feel my bronchioles just a bit as I finished up, I had a little bit of an asthmatic cough.   The humidity is decreasing along with the temperature. I guess it is time to break out the inhaler for the winter running.  I was kind of hoping that since my breathing was fine in CO in the altitude, it wasn’t going to be an issue any longer.  I am going to be pro active and careful with this!