End of the Year

Whoa!! When did it get to be December 30th so quickly??

Sigh. I lost control of Reverb 2012, but I gave it a good shot.  I might start on Reverb 2013 in November.  Some prompts, I can write off the cuff, and some prompts really made me think.  Some I just didn’t have time to think about and write. So I may start reviewing prompts earlier.  It’s been a very cool project, one I have enjoyed doing.

Year in Review: I don’t do these. Read my blog if you want to know what went down.  It was a good year. I had alot of fun, some scary moments, and made some new friends.  There ya go.

New Years Resolution: I don’t do these either, and neither will I write a blog post on “why setting NY resolutions is pointless and wrong”.    I make my resolutions and goals all  year long. Sometimes they change, and sometimes new ones pop out of nowhere.

Races for 2013:  I can do this one.  I don’t really run that many organized races.  So far on the calendar this year:

January Run for Regis: Running the 1/2 marathon
MLK Training Weekend January:  Two days of running on the MMT course in VA
Reverse Ring February
April 5: Doing the “Gate to 8 x 2” 50K Ohiopyle (FA)
April 13 Glacier Ridge Trail 50K
May 18: MMT
June 29: Black Hills 100K
August 31 The Ring
October Oil Creek 100

So, not so much on the calendar yet.  Which is okay.  MMT is THE race for 2013, I am focused on improving my time for this year. I’ve been working on base miles for the last two months, and am ready to get going on 2013 doings.

So, have a great NY Eve, don’t drink and drive. I doubt I will make it up to welcome in the new year, I value my sleep over ticking over the calendar page.  Since the  Mayans were not correct, I think 2013 will be there when I wake up.

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