Reverb 20: What I Want to Remember from 2012

  • My dog Sandal
  • The coyotes howling at 6am on the Wild Oak Trail
  • The heart rate and adrenalin and fear from descending Virginius in HR
  • the alpine glow at Jackass Flats outside Ouray
  • hearing the cheers from a mile away as Mark Carroll completed his 10th Mohican 100 Mile finish
  • extraordinary dinner with my husband at Zinc in Charlottesville
  • the chocolate dessert my husband made me for my birthday
  • Alice as a wee puppy
  • the copperhead snake on the Laurel Highlands Trail
  • running uphill, past the mountain bikers, with Bob & Bill…until the mountain bikers were out of sight
  • soaking in the sun and the Yough River with Slim in June
  • seeing first timers finish their first ultra at YUTC
  • have a glass of wine..or two with my husband, on our Adirondack chairs in the late summer evening

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