Reverb 21: Pleasures

What small pleasures did you discover this year?

Small pleasures…

Okay, on our YUTC race course, there is a section of trail called “The Monkey Hills”.  We have created a rather silly challenge-the Monkey Hills (or Trails) Marathon, where you just run the distance back and forth, for 29 laps.

Monkey Hill Marathon Stats
The distance of each out-and-back lap is 5,036 ft. (.95 mile)
452 feet of gain per lap x 29 laps = 13,108 ft. of gain

I started buying a sock monkey or two, and brought them to the Monkey Trail Marathon.  During the YUTC race, I also had a couple of sock monkeys out on the Monkey Section of the course.

I also brought the monkey to Colorado with us.  This made the guys laugh too. It’s hard to take yourself too seriously when you are carrying a sock monkey.  Cam even carried the monkey up three 14’ers that he summitted-Mount Elbert, Mount Massive, and Handies Peak.

 So every time I see a sock monkey, they make me laugh.  I’ve taken to snapping pictures of them whenever I spot them. I buy them rather randomly, and seem to give most of them away.  I hope it brings other people small pleasures!

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