Running: Mohican Trail Run

Yes, I am behind on my Reverb postings.  I plan to try and catch up this weekend.

I was fighting a cold for a few days.  I succumbed on Thursday to it and threw alot of drugs at it.  That, with a two day rest day from running, made me feel much better today.

The early morning snowstorm scared off everyone from Mohican.  All that showed was Mark and Terri, who live there in town.  It wasn’t so bad of a drive. My usual 1.5 hour drive took me two hours.  The way I look at it, I live in an area where there is winter.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up.

With no one showing but us, we revised the plan already revised.  It really didn’t matter. We all know the trails and approximate mileage.
The snow depth would change. On Big Ass Hill, it was slick going up.  Then we would find lower depths of snow.

 Stopped at the Gorge Overlook for some pictures.

Mark stayed with us to the Covered Bridge, and he took the river trail back to the vehicles.

Terri and I continued, taking the old “Orange Loop” of the Mohican 100 course. 

It was a good run, slow going through the snow.  There were some footprints in some sections of the trail, so others were out on this gorgeous morning too.
We encountered our first mountain bikers about four miles from our finish-they were very happy to hear we had broken trail, and we were stoked to have their tire marks to follow back to the parking lot, so good karma all around there!

I wore the old trail “screwed shoes” for the run today, but the snow was so deep they were not needed.  If you are a winter trail runner-or actually even a winter road runner, there are alternatives to Yaxtrax and those commercial products.

Matt Carpenter has the “original page” on the how-to-do-it, and here is Nick’s video on it:

Happy winter running!!

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