Back in the Fifties Again

I dropped Weight Watchers a few weeks ago. I was not getting anywhere on it. Logging my food was just too time consuming.

 I do think WW is a great program. But not for an endurance athlete running one plus hour daily. It is more for a sedentary person, who is just trying to hopefully get more active out there.

 Have I changed any of the way I have ate since quitting WW? No. I haven’t. I have eliminated my melba toast crackers, one of the few processed/premade foods I snacked on daily.

 Now I have been eating homemade beef or venison jerky for the saltiness that I crave.

 I stepped on the scale this morning and was ecstatic to see 159.5.  FINALLY back to the 50’s again. I gained about five extra pounds during my ugly August, and have finally gotten them back off. Which still leaves 10 pounds-actually 9.5 pounds-to still lose. I am never going to be one of those skinny runner chicks, and I am good with that.

Run for Regis pic, NOT today!

Today was my long run of the week, a 15 miler.  I had been looking forward to hitting trails, but with all the rain we’ve had the last two days, I knew that would be pure mud.  So I cobbled a route around the neighborhood here, but it only came up to about 12 miles.
This was a very difficult run.  The wind was sustained.  It blew and blew.  I was wearing tights, then my wind pants over them.  A wool shirt, and my eVent Jacket over that.  A breathing mask and a merino wool Buff on my head.  Gloves and my $30 dollar windbreaker mittens over them.
I felt like I weighed 200 lbs for the first 4 miles of this run.  (Which was kind of interesting, as I weighed less this morning than I have in months..)  I felt slow, but I really wasn’t when I glanced at the Garmin.
The wind was kicking my butt. Depending on what direction I was going, sometimes it was full force against me, or sidewise.  I did kind of “warm up” around mile 6 or 7 and felt like I was having a decent run.  But I started to stiffen up, both my back and hamstrings. I think that was due to the wind, and I was bracing against it.

So, only 12 miles.  I couldn’t face doing an out-and-back in this weather.  It was an okay run, I’m glad I garbed up and got out there.  Several hours later, my back is very stiff, and I am sure that is due to the run.
I’ve already forgotten about those balmy runs (in 65 and 58 degrees) of Tuesday and Wednesday..

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