Back to Training!

I’ve been writing this blog for a long time. Sometime I’m going to go back and see how many posts were titled “Back to Training!”  I bet there are quite a few..

I have actually still been training. Never stopped, in fact.  This just happened to be a low volume, recovery week from the big push in the Massanutten Mountains last weekend.

The cold snap hit here when I returned home. So my three recovery runs during the week were on the treadmill.  I could not see garbing up and venturing out into 10 degree F weather when  I was only going to do four or five miles.

I did get out yesterday for 4’some miles, and today returned to my normal “10K” (6.4 mile) around the block and felt fine.  I was pretty tired, on and off, last week, so was fine with low mileage.

Now I am back, with a two week schedule of runs planned! (Last week was pretty low key, ‘run as I felt’..) and hey! Monday is an off day from running wooT!! 

Of course, TPTB (the powers that be) have seen that my 15 mile long run on Thursday will correspond with the dramatic dip in temperature from Mon-Tues-Wed here in Ohio…

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