De Cluttering

“Heck, all ya need is a pair of shoes to go running!”

Who ever said this was apparently not an ultra runner, and not an ultra runner who lives in my house hold.

It started out very innocently. I wanted to re-organize the plant room and install another rack for seed-starting.
Then I decided I would take the table out of the plant room, and put that in my office for my desk.

Then the husband wanted to know if I wanted to move the white rack out of my office (where all my running gear is stored) and put that one in the plant room, and then he could install two smaller racks in my office.

So we are currently 40% through this project.  The table and first rack have been moved.  I am up to two garbage bags of “stuff” that I am getting rid of.  Now while he installs the two racks, I’m going to go through yet more stuff.

This is a good way to get all my running gear re-organized organized for the year.  Pics to follow when project complete!

 I have my Philly Flower Show posters framed.  I also swapped out my old door on sawhorses for Grandma’s old 1950 table.

 Got all the running gear re-organized and threw some stuff out.

 I don’t know why the plant room pic came out so dark.  This is where I will start the seeds soon.  I use regular shop lights, and adjust the lights up and down via the chains.  The cardboard box is our homemade dehydrator than Dennis makes jerky in:

AND I did get my run in!  I got out at 230 pm, kind of late for me on a weekend, but I wanted to get the run in.  Felt very good, ran my loop in 1.15 without any extra effort.   I am getting quicker!

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