I survived January!

I survived the tough month of January!

I think the month of December was harder. There were more runs in the dark in December.  By the time January rolled around, we had gone through the shortest day of the year and have started building up daylight.

December miles: 225
January miles: 209.  Slightly less, but due so with a recovery week after the training weekend on the Massanutten Trail.  Still, more miles than I have ever run before. Consistency, consistency, consistency!

I had many carrots in January, to look forward to.  That made it a little bit easier to get the runs in knowing you had a “reward” at the end of the week.

First was “Run for Regis” where I got to run trails and see lots of friends.

Then was MLK Training weekend, where I got to travel to Virginia, see old and new friends, AND get miles in on the Massanutten Trail! (Okay, I had been looking forward to this since..December..)

February Carrots:

Arkansas Trip:  Well, I’m not so sure about the carrot, but we are travelling to a friend’s wedding in Arkansas. I’m already fretting about how to get at least one run in on my three day weekend. I hope we do not encounter any tornadoes whilst there.  It probably is good for my running schedule that this is the week before:

Reverse Ring! The Last Weekend of February:  Well, I have been looking to THIS since missing The Ring on Labor Day Weekend.  I will strive not to do that again.

Only one rule: stay on orange

Some of the Reverse Ring 2012 Starters

Snow Squall on Signal Knob

Kimba almost to Woodstock Tower.  A little wind burnt already

To me, it’s always good to have these “carrots” or “treats” or “events” to look forward to.  Heck, this week, I have been looking forward to a 15 mile trail run on my day off.  Since we’ve been in a deluge for the last 3 days, and the trails would be a “cold mess”  I am going to do my 15 miles on my back roads.  That’s okay now, given the weather conditions.

But it’s good to give yourself little things to look forward to: like an unexpected run in January in 65 F ; an early hour out of work for another daylight run; a trail run; a run scheduled with friends, albeit the distance.

This is how I get through my winter of running. And hey, Massanutten is now 106 days out. But spring will be here before that!

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