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Run for Regis Half Marathon Report

This was the 9th annual Run for Regis Event organized by Tanya Cady.  This run is to honor Regis Shivers Sr, who was a local trail/ultra runner who passed away several years ago to cancer.

Regis was very local to me.  He, along with Roy Heger, were my first running mentors.

Kim & Regis, Grist Mill, Mohican, 2006

All proceeds from the event go to a cross-country runner scholarship at West Lafayette High School and to the Fisher House.

It’s called an “event” because Tanya doesn’t give awards for first, second third.  Everyone gets the same swag, whether you run 5 miles, 13, or 50K distance.  You can change distance through out the race.  You don’t get your swag until you finish your distance and report you are done to Tanya.

This years swag was a Patagonia back pack, and a Buff!!

The 2012 Run for Regis was 7 degrees F.  This year, it was 65 F at  the start.

The schedule called for me to “only” run the 1/2 marathon.  I was pretty happy about that.  One, with all the ice melted on the trails, it would be a mudfest later in the day for the 50K runners.

The National Park had made Tanya change the start to a “staggered start” of 50 runners at a time.  This years course consisted of a 5 mile loop and an 8 mile loop.  1/2 Marathoners started on the 8 mile loop while 50K runners went to the 5 mile loop first.  This was helpful in keeping down congestion on trail.

I started in the third “wave” and actually was about the tenth person back, on purpose.  I knew the trail would quickly hit a downhill, and I can run downhills fast, and I didn’t want to get to get stuck behind more cautious runners.  I had worn my screwed shoes since they can also help with mud situations.

I ran the first downhill hard, and just continued to run hard.  It felt good to be able to just run fast on a trail!  After this past week of caution, slipping, sliding, slogging through ice and snow.  I felt lots of this loop was very runnable.

I finally looked at my watch and was surprised to see I had already run 4 miles.  Wow, that seemed to go by effortlessly!  I should probably take a gel now!

The 1/2 marathoners were kind of spread out and I didn’t know any of them that I either passed or passed me. (Most of my friends were running the 50K on the other loop…)  This was also good for me, as I didn’t slow down to chit chat, I was out for a run!

Back to the start/finish, drink a cup of Coke, grab 2 cookies., now just a 5 mile loop to go.   I had just run on all these trails a month or so ago, so it was good to be familiar with the area.  I had a sick headache going, I think due to overheating!

I came into the finish area, told the officials  I was done at 2.42.  I didn’t remember until afterwards it was the ‘staggered start’ time so my time is really 2.38 or so.  Very pleased with this effort today.  I ran hard when I could, power-hiked/stomped up some slick muddy hills, and ran down all the hills.

I got to see many friends out there today.  With this great weather today, I feel like this was our little “reward” for the last few weeks of training in the snow/ice/dark!

Winter Respite

After the snow and ice buildup from the day after Christmas through the New Year, Ohio has now been hit with a warming trend.  The temperatures today soared into the low fifties.  Much of the snow except for the north slopes are now gone.  Lots of ice on roads and trails have melted.

My schedule called for a seven mile run. Even though it was short, I thought I would go to Salt Fork State Park and run there.

It began raining heavily as I drove there.  The temperature, per the cat thermometer, fluctuated between 42 and 47.  Hey! Where was my fifty degree day?

It stopped just as I arrived which allowed me to change into my screwed trail shoes, and get my windbreaker with hood on.  Then the rain continued!

The bridle trail that I started on was just a stream.  Wow, my feets were very very cold.  I continued, though, figuring my feet would warm up.

It’s still raining heavily.

I hop over to a  hiking trail, which is more up on the hillside and draining much better.  Then I absently continue to follow the blue hiking trail, and come to a huge tree down on the trail, pretty much blocking it.  I look around. This area was hit hard by the freak derecho storm of June 29.  Many trees are snapped off at the same elevation.  The park has been cutting trees here, and there is a faint logging trail, so I go off piste and start up the logging trail.
That was a mistake, since I sink in soft mud with every step.  There’s no running or fast walking here, it’s post holing through mud.  But it leads me to the campground road, and I stop at the restroom to refill my water bottle.

I notice a sign behind the restroom/showers that says “Main Trail to Beach”.  Huh! I’ve never seen this sign before (I don’t usually stop at this restroom.)  So I resolve to follow it.

It’s more of a clearcut powerline down to the beach area, I recognize it immediately, I pass this on a trail at the bottom of the hill.   Now I have lost momentum with my run, so I go downhill. It’s very steep. This may be good for hill repeats but I am thinking the small bushes are probably very thorny as they grow.

I splash through a big culvert, and am now on the beach road-where my  vehicle is parked at the end.  I decide to run over to the beach at Salt Fork. I’ve never been over there before.

I follow the concrete path till it ends, then I cut over, on the beach.  I run along, on the beach.  There is a little fog, with the rain hitting the remainder of the snow, causing heavy condensation.

Even with my beach detour, I’m only at five miles, but I decide I am done, I can’t see what two more miles is going to do for me this day.

Today (Saturday) is a scheduled day off from running! Tomorrow is the “Run for Regis” event.  I am running the 1/2 marathon (as opposed to the 50K).  I am pretty happy about running the shorter distance, with all the melted snow and ice, it’s going to be a slogfest out there!

This week/Last Week

I started out with an epic birthday post but never got around to finishing it.

A pretty low key birthday.  It was Sunday, I worked all day, and was really tired.

My husband made me my birthday dinner Monday, my day off.  I got a trail run in, and was not productive other than that all day.

The huge porterhouse steak put me in a food coma and I was out early.

I was also out early because I got up at 445 AM to go run.

I had six miles to run and an 11 hour work day.  And with the people who were working with me that day, I knew it would be busy and draining.  So there was no way I was going to go run 6 miles at 730 PM.

So I got up early and ran them on the treadmill. At 515 am.

I watched the part of the second episode of this year’s “Biggest Loser”.   The doctor guy was talking to one of the contestants, and while I don’t think really highly of the doctor, something he said to the contestant really resonated with me.

To paraphrase, he asked the contestant “if you had a lymphoma, (cancer) would you take two hours out of your day for a chemotherapy infusion”.  The contestant said of course.  Then the doctor said something about taking care of his obesity disease (or something like that) why wouldn’t you take care of that disease?

Really, think about it. We would have radiation treatments or chemo treatments that take 30 minutes or one hour to treat a cancer in our body.  So why wouldn’t you spend one hour treating your body for that obesity disease on/in your body? 

Back to the last week/this week.  I  always recap my week of running.  As last week happened,  I thought I was having a real lackluster week. In fact, I would have given it a C+.  But once the week was over, I was pretty pleased.  I nailed all my workouts. I didn’t give up due to the snow/ice/cold/dark. Sure, my long run was kind of a stinker, but I guess not *all* runs are good. (It’s just most of mine are..)

This week so far has been good.  Really good.  Even the 5 am treadmill run.  I am finding my speed HAS increased just through my consistency in training.  The treadmill is not my favorite, but it is a good marker for a pretty impartial rating of my running.  There’s no light/darkness/ice/snow/heat/dogs that impact my normal neighborhood loop.

I’m pretty stoked for Sunday’s race..or run/event.  It is the 9th Annual Run for Regis Event.  When I am around for this, I usually run the 50K.

This year, the schedule calls for just the 1/2 marathon..because the following weekend is the MLK MMT Training Weekend!  Which calls for a 50K on Saturday and marathon distance on Sunday.

I’m kind of looking forward to “just” running 13.1 miles.  I can then change clothes and hang out for a bit and have a bit of a social life for a change.

AND, it could be in the forties or perhaps even the 50 degree temperature range…for January, in Ohio?  We can only hope!

Attitude Adjustment

 I am downstairs on my treadmill, just past mile 7 of an 8 mile run.  I’m running slightly under a 10 minute per mile pace, which I have maintained for the entire treadmill run.  I am getting this run in ahead of working a 10 hour work shift.  I realize I have jumped over (well figuratively, it’s hard to jump on a treadmill) a hurdle.

It’s amazing how you can move past mental obstacles, with just a little push. 

In the past, I rarely exercised on my “weekend to work”.  It’s tiring to work on your own for two shifts.  I am tired toward the end of the work day, and at home at night.  So I have in the past just not bothered working out.  I’m doing enough by working, right?

 Now I have a running schedule, which has me running 6 or 7 days a week.  Which includes my weekend to work.

I figure out how to do it. What time I need to get up, have my lunch made ahead of time, stuff ready to go.

I find it is not “that hard” to do.  I CAN get up early, and go run.  I just had to step over that mental speed bump. 

I also wasn’t sure I could maintain the running pace that I did for the run.  I did! 

Do you need to give yourself a little mental push???



I mapped out today’s run using the gmap-pedometer website.  This allows you to trace a route over roads, so I can cobble together enough mileage.

The plan was to run the regular dirt road, but then take 1st Horseshoe Bend Road, over to Rt 258, then hop onto 2nd Horseshoe Bend Road, and run my “normal route” in reverse.

The run started out just fine.  About 24 degrees F, exactly what I ran it in last night, about 20 hours earlier.
Prettier in the daylight.

So the route in red is what I was supposed to take.  The green line is where I went.
I essentially took the first “right” instead of the second “right”.
But I haven’t been up First Horseshoe Bend Road in, over a year or so.  I had a couple landmark houses and curves in the road, so I kept running, thinking I would come across those, really soon.
Then I came around a bend, saw this spectacular barn, and knew I was not where I wanted to be!
But where had I blundered off the road? Had I missed the side road?  (At this point,  I had not realized my mistake.)  How does one get lost on a road??
I even stopped and turned the “location” feature on my phone on.  But since I was out in rural Appalachia, the phone didn’t pick up a signal right away, and I decided to just retrace my steps.
Back on my original “route”  I laughed out loud as I realized I had not even got to First Horseshoe Bend Road yet.

Despite the gorgeous day out there, I was not feeling the love. My upper body was very stiff and sore.  I think this was due to the night run of Wednesday. I tend to hold my upper body still, and I think the ice covered roads tenses me up quite a bit.
I also didn’t have much energy, even though I had just eaten lunch prior to running.  Maybe it was due to the night run just too soon, or maybe I should have eaten a bit more.  I was pretty fatigued and sore after this run.  It only came up to 12 miles when the schedule called for 14, but I didn’t want to run on the state route, with the snow piled high.  When the cars come by, there is now no berm at all, just snow banks.
So, it is what it is. 12 instead of 14.  I did enjoy seeing that blue sky against all the white snow out there.

Check Your Gear!

The schedule called for 7 miles yesterday.  Being that I worked 8-6pm, that was going to happen after work.

I packed the gym bag carefully.  Being that it was supposed to be “cold”,  I had the tights, merino wool shirt, jacket, merino wool Buff, toboggan hat, gloves.  I checked, the light was already in the side pocket.

Work was horribly busy, so I really didn’t have much time to over-think my run.  I always have the “treadmill backup” but I was also of the mind set that even if it was cold out there, I needed to get outside and run.

I checked the weather website right before leaving work..oh, 24 degrees F.  Not bad at all!

I drove to my parking lot, and kept the car heater going while I changed clothes.  I grabbed the  headlamp, and turned it on.

Nothing.  Huh.  I kept pushing the button, thinking, hmm, had I turned it OFF last time I used it?  Usually when I arrive back at my vehicle, in the dark, I am in a hurry to get dry clothes on and get the vehicle moving toward home.  Maybe I had just tossed the headlamp in the gym bag, leaving it on.

Okay. I rummaged through the bag, finding the small penlight flashlight.  Not my Fenix light, but a small light that I usually use at a campsite.

I don’t like to run with a hand held light.  Well, crap.  I’m garbed, ready to go.  Do I admit defeat, drive home, de-garb, and jump on the treadmill?

No. I decide to run with the handheld light. Once upon a time, I didn’t like running with a handheld bottle either, and I got over that.

You know what?  Running with the handheld light was just fine.  It didn’t nauseate me-although I wasn’t swinging it either.

The run was extraordinarily good.  The dirt/gravel township road is now just ice and snow, but I had my screwed shoes on.

The neighborhood dogs were a bit startled by my night time appearance, but no one was angry once I started talking to them, I think they recognized my voice.

The clothes were a good choice, my hands warmed up quickly.  There was no wind, which was most helpful.  A nice little run around the block, post work, seven miles.