The idea is to run 71 miles of the Massanutten Ring in under 25 hours.  I’ve actually taken my friend Gombu’s splits from 2011, as he ran RevRing in 24.30.  (“A” Goal would be to run it under 24 hours.)

RevRing only has a few aid stations, where stellar volunteers come out and hang out in the cold and wind for around 30 runners.  There is usually a 2:1 (or more) ratio of volunteers to runner. It’s very humbling.   VHTRC rocks RevRing.

Aid Stations for RevRing:

Woodstock-Mile 14.2
Edinburg-Mile 22.4
Crisman Hollow*-36.8
Camp Roosevelt-46.1

The daunting portion of RevRing is the overnight section of the trek, 25 miles on the Eastern Ridge of the Massanuttens.   I worried about this all winter long in 2011, about doing this.  But *it wasn’t that bad* and I actually looked forward to it last year.  25 miles, unaided, in winter, is a good learning experience for an ultra runner.  It shows you that you can go that far without aid. Hey you think 25 miles is alot, think about Arrowhead 135 or the Iditarod 350 or 1000!!

The * at Crisman Hollow is there, because Crisman Hollow Road is closed in the winter.  So unless volunteers hike aid in ( a few miles!!) there is no aid between Edinburg and Camp Roosevelt-or Camp Roo, as it is called.

The plan is to carry enough calories between aid stations.  I never calculate in the calories I might eat at the aid station.

I go with the assumption of the stomach can absorb 200 calories an hour.  (It’s 200-300 calories, 200 is just the easier number to use.)

The runners are allowed one drop bag, which is shuttled around the course by those great volunteers. This will be available everywhere except Crisman Hollow.

My calorie plan:
Start to Woodstock:  carry 1200 calories
Woodstock to Edinburg: 600 calories
Edinburg to Crisman Hollow/Roosevelt: 1600 calories.  There will be some food hiked in by wonderful Stephanie Wilson, but I am going to need to carry enough calories for 23 miles, until Camp Roo.
Camp Roo to the finish: 25 miles, 2400 calories

I am going to carry one HandHeld, which will be my “nutrition handheld”  with 1 cup of Malto dextrin=400 calories.  I will also have malto packaged up, so I can pick up more at the AS from my drop bag.  (I will also have water in a separate handheld.)

My other calories will come from:
Clifbloks-one package is 200 calories
Gels-most gels are 90 or 100 calorie
EFS Shots-400 calories

I will have some assorted calories from some honey roasted nuts and a Peppermint Patty or a cracker package, just to mix it up a bit. I will also eat cookies and soup or whatever is available from the aid station along the way.

I do remember running out of calories on these long treks. I’m trying to simplify my nutrition plan, mainly using maltodextrin, just mixing it up a bit with the Clifbloks and gels.  This is what I am planning on doing during the MMT 100 race, just using mainly malto, so it’s time to test this again in training.

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