Fitting the Run In

It doesn’t sound that hard. 6 miles on Saturday, 8 miles on Sunday.

Except it’s my weekend to work.  The Saturday run is okay; I have gotten up at 5am for various reasons, and am on the treadmill at 6 am. 6 miles. No problemo.

At 8am, when I go out to warm up the car, the car battery is dead and the husband is out of town, 100 miles away.  I still end up at work, on time, at 9 am, thanks to a lovely neighbor.

But I am just exhausted from the stress. And the fact that I missed ‘second breakfast’ after the 6 mile treadmill workout.

Work sucks. It ends. I’m exhausted.  But I still have to make my lunch, for Sunday, because I have got to go run 8 miles in the morning!  So I basically make my lunch, drink two glasses of wine, and turn in for the night.

Okay, normal timeline-work backwards. Gotta leave around 9 am. So run needs to be done at 830am, so I can shower and stuff. So, 8 miles, equals 1 hour 40 minute?

Except everything is snow covered and slidy-so do I need to leave for work earlier than one hour?

Shit. Maybe I should just concentrate-and make my run the usual 6.4 mile around the block. So I am missing  1.6 miles from this run.  AND I already bailed on last Friday 6 miler, because I was just so freaking exhausted from work.

Acck. Does this mean anything in the long term? No. Probably not.  Just my little guilt ridden running conscience (why do runners have HUGE guilt consciences??)

SO  I get up at 545 am. The snow seems..not so bad. It does still take me almost one hour to drink coffee and dither over running outside.  I am quite crabby. But, as soon as I realize I am “quite crabby”  I know my best resolution is to take myself outside.
I get out the door about 646 am. I need my light. It’s snowing lightly and the roads are covered.
I start down my normal route.  I have my screwed shoes on.  But I have washed my screwed shoes (Montrail Bajadas) lately, and taken out the insoles.  And I have not found the insoles.  So I am wearing shoes, with screws in them, with screw points intersecting with tender spots on my feets.  I resolve to run over the pain.  ACTUALLY, what is the alternative?
I cobble together some little out and backs and know I can turn my loop into a 7 miler.  But after the sun comes up, it warms up *like 4 degrees* but that is  enough for snow to really come down.
Now I am running on an unplowed road, with about 4 inches of soggy snow to *break trail* on, as it is.  After this, the running is slowed, on flat surfaces, an 11-something pace (where this would be more of a 10-min pace on dry conditions).  I have told the husband if I am not back by 830 am, to come looking for me.  Now I am up against the clock!
I get back to the house right at 830 am, as the husband is putting on his boots to come find me. 7.6 miles in 1 hour 36 minutes.  Not bad in the unplowed snow and slippery conditions.

I’m tired just reading this.  I can’t wait to hit my little dirt road in March, in dry conditions and see how much faster I am around the block.

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