Mohican Run Saturday

The RD for “Forget the PR” had thrown up a late notice training run at Mohican last week, so I decided I needed trails at Mohican as a reward for slogging it through roads and treadmill.  I had a 20 mile run scheduled and knew there would be others wanting to get in twenty, as the training run was just twelve miles.

 About fifteen of us (plus Macy the dog) met at Mohican Adventures.  It was in the mid twenties, so a little chilly starting out, but once we hit Big Ass Hill, everyone was toasty warm.

I only took a few pics the whole time!  Footing was a bit treacherous.  Where snow had melted, it had refroze so there was much ice in spots all over the trail.  
The route took us up Big Ass Hill, down Gas Line Hill, over to the jeep road to the Fire Tower.  We then took the Hog Hollow Trail down to the Covered Bridge.

After the Covered Bridge, there is a mile of trail beside the river.  It is the most technical trail around, consisting of lots of rocks and roots.  It is usually slow through here, as it’s hard to just break into a run.  Today was really slow, as everything was coated in ice!  There were a few dicey spots, where a river swim could have followed if a slip occurred.

Everyone made it back to Mohican Adventures, and it was sorted out who was running where. Rob and a few others opted for the asphalt bike trail into town, and heck, I came out to run trails, so I was going back on trail!

Steve, Tim, Angela and I went out for six more miles.  This time we headed up the mountain bike trail, which was fun for me because I am usually coming ‘down’ the mountain bike trail.  It was a little warmer, and a bit less ice, so this was almost consistent running.  It was fun to catch up with Steve, as I believe it was probably about a year since I had run with him last!

Reward: I successfully battled off the McDonald’s french fries cravings all the way home.  But I did want potato chips, fries, something.  I knew we had homemade chili at home.  I stopped at the IGA and got some tortilla chips and sharp cheddar cheese, and my reward (after showering) was a homemade platter of chili nachos! (I should have taken a picture, it was quite nice.)

I was really whipped after this twenty mile effort!  Either I am 1) getting old 2) can’t remember being tired after 20 mile runs 3) putting more effort into my long runs.  I would have to say, it’s 1) and 3).  Some of the hills of Mo were much easier to climb than they have been in the past. 

Another great day at Mohican!

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