New Gear Run

My new hydration gear arrived from ZombieRunner on Monday.

I had been interested in the Ultraspire line since they emerged on the scene.  I have been wanting to NOT use a bladder in races-it’s too time consuming.  But I am also not a fan of carrying two hand helds for 100 miles.  So I have been experimenting with some gear.  I already had bought a one-bottle waist pack from Ultraspire, and that has been successful so far. (I have not worn a waist pack in years before going back to this product.)

The Kinetic Vest is a vest where you can carry two hand held bottles.  This has been sold out for a long time, so when it was available on ZombieRunner, I went ahead and bought it.  This is the 2012 version, there is a new version on the Utraspire website for 2013.

 The matching outfit was purely coincidental.  I picked up the dirty running clothes off the floor from Monday’s run, it just happened to be the black and red.

 I plan on writing a more in depth review of the vest after a few more runs.  On initial run, I do like it.
One of my biggest problems is my hobbit stature.  I have a very short torso.  The water bottles are from my shoulder bones down to my butt.  I am not sure if there could be some chafing on my butt due to the water bottle.

Oh, and I can reach that middle pocket without removing the vest-good idea there.

Initially I thought the water bottles would bang into my arms, but they did not once I started to run.

A rare picture of me with straight hair.  I just had my hair cut and styled. She used a flat iron.  I did like the look.  Sadly, the run destroyed it and I was not successful in recreating the look. 

I had more new gear. In going through paperwork on my desk the other week, I found a coupon from a race from GoSport ID

Now, I have tags from, where you attach these to your shoe. Very useful…if they end up on your shoe.  I have two sitting on my desk here.  I wear different shoes, practically every run! 

So this bracelet idea appealed to me.  Same data.  I have my name, home phone number, my husband’s name, zip code (if you have your zipcode you don’t need hometown or state) and just NKA-no known allergies.   If you have allergies, or a medical condition, you would want to have this on the tag.

I like the bracelet. It sits on my desk, I  grab it and put it on.  It’s got all the data the emergency responders will need when they find me in a ditch-or ravine-somewhere.

Oh yeah, the run. I ran ten miles today.  I’m so glad I have a schedule.  The morning was full of Kimba errands-blood draw, teeth cleaning, hair cut, dog walk.  But I still had a ten mile run to do.

Without the schedule, if I was doing this on my own, it would have been way easy to just blow it off. Too busy, too tired after lunch to do it.  Now I didn’t even think about “not running” it was just when it was going to happen.

I’ve mentioned the ‘schedule’ before.  I should note I have a coach who is writing the schedule.  That should be a blog post in itself before long.

It happily coincided with the high temps of the day, 40 degrees or so.  The knee had twinged on me a bit from the Mohican long run, and I stuck to my township back roads, which you can see, are dirt.  Or this week, pretty firm mud.  But firm mud is nice and soft to run on, yet stable. So I stayed off the trails! and ran roads.  No knee pain, and ten miles under 2 hours. I am getting faster, people.  Wait till the weather gets better. I am really looking forward to that!

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