Four or Off

That is today’s schedule.

Other reason why I like having a coach.  Yesterday, I had a 14 mile run, since it was my day off from work.  I went to Salt Fork to run, having mapped out in my head a route that should garner me 14 miles, more or less.
I got to the Lodge in about seven miles, not really feeling the trail love so much. It was beautiful to be out there in the woods, but I was a bit apathetic.  But I was determined to get in my miles, as that is what the scheduled called for.

Now here is where the ‘coach’ part comes in. This is mainly mental, well, probably all mental. 

In past times, in same frame of mind, I would have probably shorted the run up to ten miles-I know my trails well enough to know the shortest way back to the vehicle.  I would have used my “guilt card” about spending half my day off away from the husband, and home, and how much stuff I could be doing around the place.

But having someone else in charge of the schedule really frees up my ‘runner guilt’ as it is. The husband asked what I was doing on my day off. I told him I had a dentist appointment and then had 14 miles to run, so I figured that would be about four hours. And you know what?  No guilt there at all.  It was pretty much like going to work-hey I will be gone this long, doing this.

Leaving the Lodge, the day warmed up.  My body warmed up too, and I was enjoying my time out on the trail. I got back to my vehicle around 13 miles, so I decided to finish up by running over to the beach on the lake.  I ended up having an excellent run.

Todays schedule is “4 easy or OFF” depending on how I felt.  Hmm.  This can be a tough call.  Am I tired? I know I have to work all weekend.  But I did go to bed early last night and got eight hours sleep.  And it’s only four miles..and easy.

I told the husband I only had four miles to run, as I was packing my duffel bag of running gear.  As  I only have four more hours in my work day here, and I’m not that tired, I think I will opt for 4 easy sunny (but STILL COLD) miles in on the trails.

22 days until MMT.

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