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Calories for the next 50K

I am running the Glacier Ridge 50K Ultra, an actual race, with a bib number, aid stations, and a finish line this weekend.

This race is just a training run for MMT.  I will be carrying a little more than I need to for a 50K race, as I want to train like I will race for MMT.

Calorie pictures are quite different for a self supported 50K vs a regular 50K race.

9 hour self supported 50K fuel

 No, I didn’t actually eat all this for that 50K!

Seven hours or less 50K race

I will start the race with 400 calories of maltodextrin in my handheld.  I believe I may carry one of the EFS (400 calories) with me.

Goal time for the race: 1) finish sub 8.  When I ran this in 2011, I ran an 8.06.  2) finish sub 7. Can I do this? I have no idea. I should be able to. That is the plan.

So, if I run 7 hours, I need 200 calories X 7= 1400 calories.

Start the race off with a belly full of food. I might drink half a  Boost right before the race starts.  I will use a Boost a few times during MMT.  I drank one right before my 17 mile Mohican run Saturday, and it sat well in my stomach. Or maybe I will eat a peppermint patty or two.  Anyways, I plan on getting 200 calories or so right before race starts. 

1400 calories minus 400 MD- minus 400 EFS shot=600 calories minus200 calories from pre race breakfast, so 400 calories to glean off an AS. 

Do I need all this for a 50K? Not really.  But it’s all practice calories, practice eating for the longer race.  Time is getting short, need to have the dress rehearsals for the big show!

Heat Acclimatization Time

I got out for my run about ten thirty, it was getting nice and warm out.

I ran in a skirt and a short sleeved technical shirt-actually an Umstead 100 Race shirt, as my friend Jen had just finished her first 100 mile race there this weekend.

Wheweee, you kind of forget the heat when it’s not been there.  Run was okay, felt kind of sluggish but glanced at my Garmin and was going faster that I thought.

I wore my Ultraspire waist pack which holds one bottle. I think that is what I will try out this weekend at GRT 50K.

I’m still dithering around on how to carry hydration and nutrition for the early miles of MMT. I want to go as minimalist as I can; I don’t really want to wear a vest. I’ve got three different bottle carrying options these days.

Since I shredded one of my pairs of La Sportiva Raptors, I was a little short for trail shoes for MMT.  My next pair of Raptors already have a small tear in the top.  I will start the race in these shoes, but I sure will have a backup after The Reverse Ring incident.

The La Sportiva Raptors that I shredded are no longer offered. But they now have the Ultra Raptors, that I purchased.

I wore my new Ultra Raptors from La Sportiva  again today:

just to make sure they were comfortable. I think I will wear them on the GRT 50K also, just to see if they will work for MMT.  They seem very similiar to the Raptors, so I believe if I change shoes, these will be fine.

It’s getting too close to race day to be trying out new shoes.   MMT is not a course or trail that I am comfortable “Trying” new shoes on race day.


Sometime Friday night, I got a tickle in the nose and began sneezing.  Oh great, I’m getting a head cold right before my Mohican Run.

But I felt fine on my run. Came home, and commenced to sneezing and feeling like crap again.

Sunday I felt like crap all day too.  But somehow, late Sunday, I realized, hey maybe it’s allergies, not a head cold!

Allergies to what?  Nothing is in bloom here. Then I remembered the cut flowers in the vase in the living room. Ah, that’s the culprit! Promptly threw them over the hill.

Monday morning, still sniffling and sneezing.  I get to work, and all symptoms (almost) go away. Yeah, there is some environmental allergy at work here.

Today I check as I do every day. (I don’t know why, half the time they are wrong..) and sure enough, their site says HIGH POLLEN COUNT for my area.

Huh? From what?  I still don’t see what is aggravating my body, but something is, and the “experts” say that

pollen is out there somewhere.
What can you/I do about it?  There are three non-sedating antihistamines on the OTC market-Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra.  Which one is best?  Which ever one works for you.  I usually buy whatever is lowest price in the generic form. 
I tried the Zyrtec (cetirizine) on Sunday, which did not help really.  It was also out of date (past its expiration date).  So Monday I bought and started on the Allegra.  This has really help alleviate my symptoms, I just have a tickly nose right now.
The weather forecast for today is around 80 degrees today.  This is one of the days that I hope they get “half right”!!

A spring run!

I eyed the temperature reading rather dubiously..50 degrees, really, at 7am?  It just doesn’t seem right.  All weekend long, the temperature read in the 50’s and it still seemed like the 40’s.

But I decided to go with the skirt anyways.  And a short sleeved shirt, but with Moeben arm warmers.

It wasn’t too bad out, but as I dropped off the saddle, into the creek valley, it got colder. I wished for my gloves.

But as I ran, I warmed up.  I hit the creek bottom, and climbed up the rough dirt road to the other side.  This is a good little out and back, and it’s downhill to the creek bottom, up the valley to the  other side, and back again, so good up and downhill.

As I hit the turn around, I realized I felt great.  I really hit the downhill, enjoying the dry dirt, remembering when it was slick icy snow.  I hit the creek bottom.  I ran UP the hill on the other side. 

I turned onto the normal side road and still felt great. Ran all the other uphills (and the flats too) home.

You know it’s a good run when you don’t want to stop.

Happy Monday.

Mohican Run

When the plans changed from Ohiopyle to Mohican, I put the word out to see if anyone wanted to run at Mohican on the weekend.  Rob was up for some miles, and I agreed to meet him at 9 am at the Fire Tower.

Rob and Don arrived with Matt, who will be running “Forget the PR” as his first 50K with 8 miles done already.  Rob reels off the route we are taking today, and I just smile….and tune him out…It’ doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if we follow the Mohican 100 course, or the 50K course, or the Xterra course.

As we left the Covered Bridge, we saw a yellow shirt up ahead–an added bonus, my friend Ron was out on the trail! 

We follow the “Forget the PR” course for a  bit…I managed to take a spill on the jeep road but at least it was soft pine needles. I managed to get up before run over by mountain bikers.

It was a very good day. My legs felt fine. I felt the pace was a little slow, but that was okay.  I did excellent climbing the hills.  They felt like wee little hills after Ohiopyle.  It was also nice to RUN, as we stayed on the smooth mountain bike single track.

“Bike up”

Speaking of mountain bikes, by the time we got to mile 5 or so (miles count down) we were glad we had started early, as the bikers had finally rolled out of bed and hit the trail.  It’s just extra awareness to both watch the trail surface and up ahead to look out for any bikers.

Ron had mentioned at Mohican the runners and bikers have a good relationship. I was surprised by this, I didn’t realize animosity existed among the groups (and I usually run by myself).  Most of the time we yielded the trail to the bikers, but sometimes the bikers stepped off the trail to us.  There was always a cheerful word exchanged between us and the bikers.  I mean, why not?  We’re both out there loving the trail, it can be shared in a good karma kind of way!

We got back to Rob’s car, 17 miles at 4 hours on the dot.  I thought about more miles, but I was perfectly happy with the seventeen.  Legs were not wrecked afterwards.

Now it’s time to see what my schedule looks like for the week. I am running Glacier Ridge Trail 50K this next weekend, in Pennsylvania.

Buckhorn Creek Trail

This trail has a name!  I was last on this trail about five years ago. After a dentist and hair cut appointment,  I had seven miles to run, so I thought I would run on this very flat trail right out of Newcomerstown.

The Buckhorn Creek Trail is an 8 mile trail running from Newcomerstown to Stone Creek parallel to County Road 21 and I-77 on the site of an old C;M Railroad bed.

The development of this trail was one of the early action projects in the Tuscarawas Trail and Green Space Plan. The Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition, has partnered with the county commissioner, area land owners, local governments, corporate partners, and volunteers to develop this greenspace.

I have bought two pair of new running shoes lately.  After my La Sportiva shoe shred:

 I was left a little short in the shoe department for MMT.  I am planning on starting in my second pair of Raptors, but one of them already has a small shred where a root caught the front, so I will be bringing another pair of shoes for MMT “just in case”.  (I’ve never changed shoes in a race, but after the Reverse Ring and the pic above, well, now I could see why you should bring spare shoes…)

So what did I buy? Another La Sportiva product, this is the “Ultra Raptor”.  Today was their first run, just wanted to see how they felt.

The trail surface is a mix of cinders, dirt, grass.  I don’t think this is very bike friendly.

It is also super exposed. And very hot in the summertime.

Even though this says “The Ohio to Erie Trail” I think this is a misnomer. It appears the Ohio to Eric Trail doesn’t even swing over to the east side of the state.   I believe this is just a stand alone trail, from Newcomerstown to Stone Creek.
It looks a little nicer in the summer:
The bridge on the Buckhorn Creek Trail

It’s pretty noisy. As you can see, it runs parallel to Interstate 77.

 Actually, all this trail has to offer is that it is flat.  If you were looking for some flat place to run down here in the foothills of Appalachia, this would be it.
I didn’t have a bad run on it; in fact I negative split the run.  Legs felt fine after.   But with the exposure and open space, I probably won’t be back on it again for a time.  Next time, maybe have the husband drop me at one end and I run the whole eight miles, just to say I ran it.

Poor Prior Planning

You may know this saying: “Poor Prior Planning leads to Piss Poor Performance” or in my case, an outside run.

 I am very organized. But sometimes I miss an item..a crucial item.. I packed my gym bag for a run after work on Wednesday. I even packed both trail and road shoes, as I was undecided on where to run, after work.
 At lunch time, at work, I sorted through the bag, so I could do the speed work clothing change… and discovered all the clothing and two pairs of shoes, but no running bra. Game over.

Ugh. Now my worst scenario. Going HOME first, then going running.  How to best manage that?

I am okay, if my Plan is to go home, then jump on the treadmill. I can do that relatively quickly, come home, greet the dogs, greet the husband, change clothes, I’m on the treadmill in fifteen minutes or less.

The schedule calls for seven miles; I’m willing to swing six for seven. But how to do it? In tiny little mind breaks at work, I’m assessing various road routes from the house.  My normal 10K loop isn’t going to do it, isn’t there something more fun, more epic, more inviting?

No, actually there isn’t. Now I’m having misgivings about the whole freaking run, sheesh I’ve worked ten long hours, now I got to run 6 (or 7 actually) at 7 pm???  How about I just blow off this day!???

But-back to having a coach again-he’s going to want to know why I took a zero day. Not feeling it? Legs heavy, too tired, yeah, I think those could have been valid excuses. Just “cause I didn’t wanna” didn’t seem to be what I wanted to type in that email. Especially on an easy running week, where the coach and I are both watching the dead leg  issue.

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The path of least resistance led to the treadmill. I ran my six miles. Not well; my head was not into it. However, the legs felt fine, and I didn’t see any reason to quit. It would have been harder to deal with my psyche if I had quit after four miles.

Today will be seven miles, “trail miles” I think you could call them. I am going to run out on the trail which leads out from Newcomerstown toward Stone Creek. It’s a rough cinder trail, which I believe one day could be asphalted. This was an old railroad track bed, so it’s pretty flat. I’ve got a dentist appointment and a haircut scheduled before this, so this was the best way to plan in a “trail run” and errand running.