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Mohican Run

When the plans changed from Ohiopyle to Mohican, I put the word out to see if anyone wanted to run at Mohican on the weekend.  Rob was up for some miles, and I agreed to meet him at 9 am at the Fire Tower.

Rob and Don arrived with Matt, who will be running “Forget the PR” as his first 50K with 8 miles done already.  Rob reels off the route we are taking today, and I just smile….and tune him out…It’ doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if we follow the Mohican 100 course, or the 50K course, or the Xterra course.

As we left the Covered Bridge, we saw a yellow shirt up ahead–an added bonus, my friend Ron was out on the trail! 

We follow the “Forget the PR” course for a  bit…I managed to take a spill on the jeep road but at least it was soft pine needles. I managed to get up before run over by mountain bikers.

It was a very good day. My legs felt fine. I felt the pace was a little slow, but that was okay.  I did excellent climbing the hills.  They felt like wee little hills after Ohiopyle.  It was also nice to RUN, as we stayed on the smooth mountain bike single track.

“Bike up”

Speaking of mountain bikes, by the time we got to mile 5 or so (miles count down) we were glad we had started early, as the bikers had finally rolled out of bed and hit the trail.  It’s just extra awareness to both watch the trail surface and up ahead to look out for any bikers.

Ron had mentioned at Mohican the runners and bikers have a good relationship. I was surprised by this, I didn’t realize animosity existed among the groups (and I usually run by myself).  Most of the time we yielded the trail to the bikers, but sometimes the bikers stepped off the trail to us.  There was always a cheerful word exchanged between us and the bikers.  I mean, why not?  We’re both out there loving the trail, it can be shared in a good karma kind of way!

We got back to Rob’s car, 17 miles at 4 hours on the dot.  I thought about more miles, but I was perfectly happy with the seventeen.  Legs were not wrecked afterwards.

Now it’s time to see what my schedule looks like for the week. I am running Glacier Ridge Trail 50K this next weekend, in Pennsylvania.

Buckhorn Creek Trail

This trail has a name!  I was last on this trail about five years ago. After a dentist and hair cut appointment,  I had seven miles to run, so I thought I would run on this very flat trail right out of Newcomerstown.

The Buckhorn Creek Trail is an 8 mile trail running from Newcomerstown to Stone Creek parallel to County Road 21 and I-77 on the site of an old C;M Railroad bed.

The development of this trail was one of the early action projects in the Tuscarawas Trail and Green Space Plan. The Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition, has partnered with the county commissioner, area land owners, local governments, corporate partners, and volunteers to develop this greenspace.

I have bought two pair of new running shoes lately.  After my La Sportiva shoe shred:

 I was left a little short in the shoe department for MMT.  I am planning on starting in my second pair of Raptors, but one of them already has a small shred where a root caught the front, so I will be bringing another pair of shoes for MMT “just in case”.  (I’ve never changed shoes in a race, but after the Reverse Ring and the pic above, well, now I could see why you should bring spare shoes…)

So what did I buy? Another La Sportiva product, this is the “Ultra Raptor”.  Today was their first run, just wanted to see how they felt.

The trail surface is a mix of cinders, dirt, grass.  I don’t think this is very bike friendly.

It is also super exposed. And very hot in the summertime.

Even though this says “The Ohio to Erie Trail” I think this is a misnomer. It appears the Ohio to Eric Trail doesn’t even swing over to the east side of the state.   I believe this is just a stand alone trail, from Newcomerstown to Stone Creek.
It looks a little nicer in the summer:
The bridge on the Buckhorn Creek Trail

It’s pretty noisy. As you can see, it runs parallel to Interstate 77.

 Actually, all this trail has to offer is that it is flat.  If you were looking for some flat place to run down here in the foothills of Appalachia, this would be it.
I didn’t have a bad run on it; in fact I negative split the run.  Legs felt fine after.   But with the exposure and open space, I probably won’t be back on it again for a time.  Next time, maybe have the husband drop me at one end and I run the whole eight miles, just to say I ran it.