Special Guest Runner!!!!

As I was enjoying the first day of my three day weekend, diligently going through my filing cabinet, culling the clutter, my cell phone rang, and it was my friend Gombu, asking what town I lived in.

Gombu was in the area on business, it turns out, so he was able to make a detour and was on my doorstep within a half hour!

Bob indicated that he wanted to get a run in, and wanted a tour of my 10K “around the block” that he knows so well from the blog…

So off we went, so odd for me to run this with another runner, let alone a good friend!  Bob moved to Colorado two years ago; his home is where I stayed last summer pre-Hardrock. 

We passed Scooter’s owner in his vehicle and was warned that Scooter was out.  Yep, he was, along with the other two “old dogs”. 

Scooter liked Bob.  In fact, quite a bit.  I guess he was excited just to see someone else “besides me” out there that he was all over Bob.

Well, all was well a short ways down the road, Bob was just kind of covered in Scooter mud and Scooter spit…

Bob also got to meet the Gump dogs but quickly ran away..
It was great having company out there and sharing my little back country roads!
I did note that Bob was not wearing his trademark yellow shorts, but he said he had to save them for MMT, they are starting to wear out!
Awesome to have company on my run today.  Even better when it’s with a good friend. Thanks Bob!!

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