Now What?

It’s five days post race.  The Superman feeling is fading. I’m not the Ultra Trail Goddess so much these days, I’m  a female with a really dirty house that needs to be cleaned.  Summer exploded while I was gone and all of a sudden the entire yard needs to be trimmed.

I did over do it yesterday.  I hauled about 8 wheelbarrows of dirt-that means I dug and filled these wheelbarrows with dirt, to add to the raised beds. Then I tilled the beds.  Then we got the plants in.

So liken that to doing a 10 mile trail run 4 days after your 100  mile run.  I’m back to being WAY tired today.  I was thinking of running on Sunday, but now I think I will postpone that to Monday.  Since I work all weekend, I will take another couple of rest days.

It is hard to think about running right now.  It feels kind of nice to just come home from work and relax.  Or work in the garden for six hours.  But I do have a race coming up!  It’s the Black Hills 100K at the end of June.  So I have time to recover WELL and get back into a routine. 

So my training over the weekend is to get plenty of rest (besides going to work all day) unpack my drop bags, and rest!!

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