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This is the Last DAY

This is the last day that I plan out the training day.

I got to work at 11 am.

I got to run..squint, chart is across the room…oh just five miles..

So that will take me..50 minutes or so, so consider if 60 minutes if you are doing your “2.5 mile Yellow Water Out and Back” run.

I need to leave for work by 1015am.

So I need to be back, to eat breakfast, shower, and pack lunch and reading, by..930am.

So I need to go run at 8am.

So I need to wake up at 7am. Cuz I need an hour or so of play time, internet, coffee, to get outside.  It’s much easier now, now that it is light outside, not 10 degrees, and I don’t have to don layers of gear just to survive a run.  In fact, 8am is rather respectable and sunlit.

So this is rather a sleep in morning.  Such is the taper.

There should be a blog post coming soon, about the training.  Maybe I can get that out here, in my “taper” phase!

Running mantras

This one will probably get used this weekend: “the longer you run the stronger you get”.

This does apply to me.

There is, of course, Speed goat Karl‘s famous “100 miles is not that far”…but for all the folks getting ready for MMT, they probably don’t want to hear that.  Besides, I don’t think of running 100 miles, or 103.7 miles, but I run from aid station to aid station.

Last year, on most of the  Hardrock course, this was my repeated saying to myself: “You can’t stay here.”  A slightly negative mantra, but the hard truth.  Only way I was going to get back to people and civilization was to keep going.

This is one of the favorites.  All you MMT newbies, read up. Contemplate.

This is from laz’ 2010 Race Report:

"you all know about the comfort zone.
that's where most ultras take place.
running ultras is all about staying in the comfort zone.
all our strategies revolve around staying in the comfort zone.
all our advice is about staying in the comfort zone;

"start slow"

"walk every uphill"

"dont take any chances"

for all the talk about exploring human potential, and seeking our limits, ultrarunners tend to play it safe.
they line up "challenges" they know they can finish.
and run them carefully
well within their "limits".
we believe that success is never failing.

at the barkley success is about over-reaching our abilities,
and living to tell about it.
sometimes success is getting your ass out alive."

Kennedy Peak Overlook

9 Days Out

I’m supposed to be still sleeping. But you try sleeping with a Rottweiler with a cone around his head; and a German Shepherd who has just developed her own lick spot in sympathy I guess.

So anyhooo, I’m up and own my second..or third cup of coffee.  I’ve really been doing well on the caffeine. I am down (usually) to two cups in the morning. No more caffeine for the day after that.  This is done in the hopes that the caffeine ingested during the race will be a positive influence.

Browsing the interwebs, it appears that maybe the 17 year cicadas could make a guest appearance:

Cicadas won’t harm you. I’ve lived through several Broods here in Ohio.  Their sound can fill up  the woods with their noise-it sounds like bacon frying in a pan.

Along with our old favorite at night, the millipedes!

These little things come out at night.  Try not to put your hand on the trees or logs, they tend to swarm over them.
Other than the rattlesnake sighting last year, I don’t recall alot of wild life on the trail.
Just rocks. Lots of rocks.


More Trail Ramblings

and pics!

Yes, another Buff. This one makes me laugh. Cuz it’s called Trout.
This was…Friday’s trail run. YES I have been finally rewarded for my good training behaviour, with three glorious days of training and trail running.

So on this day, I ran the white bridle trail backwards.  I found this really cool wall.

I was anticipating a cool foundation, some daffodils.
But sometimes a fence is just a fence.

Pretty blue flowers.
 The Saturday schedule called for 16 miles.  And although I do love my Salt Fork Trails, I was just sick of them!!! Sick! I didn’t see how I could cobble together another 16 miles on the trails (that could actually be runnable.)
So I went to Mohican.  I thought about putting a shout out on FB, and seeing who would want to run with me..but I didn’t.  I just wanted to get my miles in, get up when I wanted, get there, start running.
I did get up at 430 am and got to Mohican about 7 am.  I had already changed where I was going to run. I had told the husband I was going to run the old Mohican Red and Green Trails,but these were mostly bridle trails, and I knew they were pretty muddy from last week’s race.   Since the mountain bike parking lot was deserted, I decided to run the mountain bike trail,since I knew that would be dry and runnable.

It was a good run.  Energy was good-this was another dress rehearsal for MMT; I wore the clothes and gear that I will wear for MMT.  I even drank maltodextrin and an EFS shot that I will use.  It wasn’t the hyper joy run that I was expecting; but for my last “long run” of 16 miles, before MMT, it went well.


I’ve been running. On trails. Alot.  Hence, not much blogging.

These pics are from the last couple of runs:

It is quite amazing to me, I’ve run this trail a bunch, and I’ve never noticed the daffodils in this clearing, until this year.

I had spotted the blocks (pictures below) from the other side of the inlet, and I was intent on finding my way there. Sure enough, this old clearing wasn’t more than 20 feet from the trail.  This old piece of equipment was left there.  I have no idea what it was.  Old farming equipment??

This is the blocks I spotted from across the way.  As I climbed over, I spotted the fire ring, and was first a little afraid I had blundered into someone’s meth lab.

But I didn’t spot anything dangerous.  Someone has scavenged old bouys and some wood to make themselves either a little fort or somewhere to rest and relax.
These pics below are from Thurday run. I ran on the white bridle trail.  The derecho storm from last summer really decimated this trail.  Last summer, I had ventured down it, about a half mile and quit after climbing under and over and around trees.  The park workers really had a big job with the amount of tree clearing that they did.

This is a little cemetery right on the trail.

 A very nice day next to the water.  The bridle trail was in pretty good shape, not much shoe sucking mud.
Speaking of shoes, I’ve got five pair sitting on the porch right now:

 I will probably wear the La Sportiva Ultra Raptors for MMT.  The regular “Raptor” already has a rip across the right foot.  I am planning on sewing up the rip. I really don’t plan on swapping shoes, but I will have a spare pair with me, if needed.

Other activity in the woods: I dug ramps.  Then I cleaned ramps.  Actually that was pretty easy. Dunk them in water, then dunk them in second container of water, that pretty much gets all the dirt off. Then cut off all the long root tendril things.

Today-Friday-more of the same. Go run-five miles-dig more ramps.  Hit up Amish Greenhouse and look at hanging baskets.  Repot pepper plants. Plant more ramps around estate.  Work on various web sites.  I’ve got a draft blog post at my MMT training, so I need to reread it and see if it makes any sense.

Have a great day!