The Foot is Fine!!

After a 45 minute delay, I got to see the doctor. She asked questions, prodded and squeezed my foot, and pronounced “no stress fracture”.  But also agreed to have XRays taken for my piece of mind.

I have forgotten Radiology has made major strides in the last four decades, apparently.  They had their own machine, and my bones were shortly up on the computer monitor.  The doc and I both reviewed them. I do have a small heel spur on my right foot (didn’t know about that) but there were no signs of any fractures with my foot.  Awesome. And with that, I was off to the woods.

 I had only ran once since MMT.  While it was almost 11 am, and hot and humid, I was deliriously happy to be back on trails.  I was running on bridle trail, so it was pretty smooth dirt after the rocks of Virginia.

 l really had no idea of mileage to run or really, where I was going.  I followed the white bridle trail besides the lake; then a big climb up a hill.  I noticed a trail off to the side, and decided to follow it, as I had never been down it.  It meandered, as a good trail does, and I was pretty sure I was going back the way I had come, just up on a higher ridge.

Sure enough, it turned into the McLeary Cemetery:

 So I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the quiet. 

 It’s nice that the World War I veterans are not forgotten.

 Actually, in this cemetery are Civil War Veterans, Spanish American veterans, and one veteran of the Mexican American War.  I always wondered how someone from the frontier (at the time in Ohio) ended up way down in Texas.

My little loop run was only five miles, and that was good enough for today, as I had other projects to tackle.

So, onward to the Black Hills 100K!!!

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