Where the Trail Goddess Decides to Push Herself

It’s almost June. I’m not sure what happened to May, but now it’s June.

I’ve only ran once since MMT and it is driving me batshit crazy.  Although I did lots of yard work today and tired myself out, so that helped.

Last week, after the race, I was tired and working, so I was just taking it easy. I was pretty fatigued and going to bed early every night. Then I also worked the weekend, so didn’t worry about running.

My left foot started to hurt quite a bit Thursday and Friday last week.  I was kind of worried about a stress fracture.  So I left the doctor a message, and I do see my doctor tomorrow, Friday morning.  My pain has subsided from a 6 down to a 1 on my “pretty high tolerated pain scale”.  I am pretty sure it was just “residual” aches left over from the trauma that is MMT.  Maybe a bruise, tendon strain.  I would expect she will want to get an XRAY (and I will demand it, but my doc is really cool, we agree on pretty much everything).

Future Plans

Black Hills 100K June 30th.  This is the VHTRC destination race; I have my four day weekend that I was able to turn into a 5 day trip.  As long as the foot is okay, I’m happy to jump back into training.

The Ring August 31  Back on the MMT Rocks

WV Trilogy The 50 Mile Race  October 12.  Where the Trail Goddess gets the 50 mile monkey off her back.  Yes, she is going to get faster this summer!!  Between talking to The Pacer and The Coach, she is going to get out of her comfort zone and press on harder.  (Why am I all of a sudden speaking in third person?)

Now that the weather is nice, the footing is good, and my goal race for the year is completed, it’s time to get faster.  I am psyched about pushing myself!

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