Blogger Ate My Post

Back in the day, there was a popular, common Blogger phrase “Blogger sucks monkey balls” because of the way Blogger would eat up and posts would disappear.

Fear not world, this was still 2007 before Facebook and Instagram, you know, the old days.

Blogger ate my post yesterday. And it was a good one too.  Full of pics and lots of self aggrandizations from Thursdays run.

So at least I can fast forward to Friday. I had to run after work; everyone coming in to my work environment was whining about the heat.

Heck, I had already done intervals in the same weather on Tuesday. Now I can live through a little 6 mile jog in the same 90 degree heat, right?

Hah! Mother nature was with me! She  kicked up a thunderstom, so as I left work on Friday, the temp was down to 72 degrees. It was kind of a slow slog, too,

Then I get back to my house, and my husband invites me to take the two healthy German Shepherd dogs on their walk, while he keeps the post op dog at the house..So I get a nice 2km cool down walk..

Saturday the schedule calls for 8 miles before work. It doesn’t even phaze me, until later. I remember sending Karl an email, about 8 milers before work, months before, saying I don’t know I can possibly fit this in. Karl was fine with this, he said, then run 7 or 6 miles…

One year ago, I would never even contemplated running “long” on my weekend to work. Now, it’s just a speed bump of training, and just need to juggle my wake up schedule to get my long run in.

So I get the eight miles in before work. And I guess I can almost count this as a back to back, since I finished the 7 mile run at about 730 pm, 12 hours the night before.

15 miles in about 12 hours, I will take that.

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