Spare Time!!!

Yes, folks, I am a Non-Soaker.  What, you do not know what I speak of?  Immediately go HERE, to and read Brendan Leonard.  And either bookmark his page or sign up to get his writings. Dude is good.  Anyways, you probably already knew I was a Non-Soaker.

Since I just had my four day weekend, and “only a 50K” to run, I managed to paint our bedroom, ceiling and walls, two coats.  Then I went off and ran the 50K, returned home, and Sunday was devoted to garden weeding, staking, more cleaning.

Monday I had to go to work and therefore rest.

Tuesday, today, my day off from “work”  I decided to vacuum the kitchen steps because they were filthy with dog hair. Which led to cleaning my plant room right off from the kitchen.

It only became dangerous when I was moving the plant racks by myself.  Moving one of them, a Universal Meat Grinder No. 2 fell off the top shelf and hit me in the head.

Owww. It hurt..quite a bit.  I staggered off to the bathroom, to see if I was bleeding.  Nope.  But my head now hurts quite a bit.
See what happens when you have spare time?  I’ve cleaned and painted an entire room, cleaned another and gotten assaulted for my pains.
Spare time is nothing to look forward to, folks.  I could have been doing some long twenty miler, only to return home in time to bathe and have dinner, make my lunch for the day tomorrow.  Instead, I got time to spare.  It’s dangerous out there!

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