I decided to get out and run my normal loop around the block, as the weather was nice and cool, and I still needed to flush out some tightness from my quads.
I noticed someone left the gate open in the valley, as evidenced by the calf in the road.  
As I crossed the valley, and started up the hill toward the Gump Dogs, I could hear the sound of chain saws and heavy machinery.  Wow, there was a bunch of tree cutting going on in the area.  Hiking up the road, I could see the guy withe chainsaw.  Hmm, hope they won’t bring a tree down on the road-where I AM!  I’m sure they are not allowed to do that…right?
CRASH! TIMBER! Down came the tree—no not in the road.  I was happy to get up the road though, away from all the activity.
  Only one of the Gump Dogs were around to greet me, he actually wagged his tail than barking at me.
I guess I was happy to just run at a controlled rate around the block, I finished in 1.21, which is about my normal pace, without trying too hard and also not going too easy.
Road Update:  Road is slipping away more!

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