Grenada Day One

 Back from vacation!!  Warning, this next week’s posts will all be pretty much vacation-centric.  I did a good job of taking pics and documenting our trip-for my benefit.  We go to Grenada every five years (hopefully it will be sooner than five years this next trip) but I could not remember certain details, like which spice gardens we had visited before, and what restaurants I had liked in the past. So this time I wrote everything down!

It was a wonderful wonderful trip!

Where the Ultra Trail Goddess goes Snorkelling

We “slept in” almost to 730 am.  I was pretty hungry, so we showered and went next door to the Kalinago Resort.

I forgot how some things are in Grenada. I ordered the cod for breakfast…only to be told it was out.  I then ordered the Creole fish with green bananas.  So I had toast.  (It’s a pretty common  thing for items to be missing from Grenada menus.  Sometimes it is easier to ask them what they do have.)

After breakfast, it was off to the Spiceland Mall IGA to lay in provisions for the week.  We have the kitchenette at the Gem, so we wanted to make sure to have food for simple meals and especially breakfast.  Besides, Dennis loves to cook.

 Back to the Gem, then lunch at our favorite restaurant and bar, the Sur de le Mar, at the Gem.

 It was finally time for a lambi roti!

Lambi is conch.  Roti is the pastry, made from chick pea flour, that it is wrapped in.  The filling is actually lambi and potatoes, in a curry spice.  But I had forgotten how HUGE these roti were!

I still managed to eat all of it.

After lunch, it was beach time-FINALLY!!!!!

We had dinner at Sangria’s; excellent octopus carpaccio and lambi ceviche, but the marlin was a bit over cooked and  service was very slow.  We had to go find out check as the waitress didn’t seem inclined to bring it to us.
We settled in at our outside table, and ended up talking to all of neighbors as they walked by.

We waited for the sunset; at 12 degrees north of the Equator this happens just about at 6 pm, and takes about two minutes to set.

A pretty good vacation beginning!

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