Running Like a Bandit

My husband and I were in the Hudson Ohio area for his 82nd Airborne Association “All Ohio Days” convention.  I took the morning to go run.

I looked at the map, knowing I could run down the road, to a Hike and Bike Trail, and then this would lead me, either way to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Now I know CVNP is “closed” due to the government shut down.  But, based on some readings, some FB postings, I didn’t think the “actual trail” was closed down.

I ran down the road, found the Hike and Bike, and made my way over to Brandywine Falls.

I realized I  had actually been to Brandywine Falls before! With Wild Bill and Tara, on a run last winter.

The Brandywine Falls parking was empty.  Gates were locked.

I hopped over the barricade and made my way down to the Falls. Screw the government.


It was a gorgeous day to be out running.  I took the Stanford Trail, then looped around Brandywine Falls. 

Then I decided to run over to the Towpath, or at least the  hostel.  There was nobody in the woods!  Was everyone running Oil Creek?  Or was everyone scared off the trail?

Sigh,  More rules.

Closer to the hostel, I encountered a hiker, who asked me if there were any rangers out.  Then, a little closer, three women walking who jumped nervously and also asked me if there were rangers out.

WTH.  Now people are scared of the rangers?  The way I understand it, yes, parking lots, restrooms, and “special areas” like the boardwalk down to Brandywine Falls are closed.  But I saw NO signs telling me the trail was closed down.

My back and body felt good.  It was nice to be on single track.  I felt great running quickly downhill.  When I had hurt my back, I had felt very slow, like I was “braking” or being very cautious on the downhills.

Running back toward my hotel, on the hike and bike, I see a thin blonde woman running toward me–is that TANYA CADY???   It was!  We had a nice little reunion, and Tanya told me about rangers actually ticketing people in the National Park! No wonder the park was so empty.  What a shame.

Seeing Tanya really energized me for the remainder of my run.  About nine miles, and the best part was running into a friend!

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